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The difficulty in triangular circuit lay in the fact that extremely precise control was required. An equilateral triangular circuit had to be created, which required taking 60 degree turns that had an extremely heavy physical impact on both the mecha and its pilot.

This could easily result in damage being incurred by the mecha and the pilot, but if the maneuver were performed too slowly, that would completely defeat the purpose.

As such, the triangular circuit was very easy to execute, but to execute it both quickly and accurately was a very difficult task, which was why triangular circuit was a foundational skill for mecha pilots when it came to directional change.

Tang Wulin had already climbed into another generic yellow mecha, and even in the mecha pilot room, he could still see Lan Fuozi looking up at him.

He closed his eyes as he recalled the important technical points involved in triangular circuit, and a possibility suddenly sprang into his mind.

I've already accumulated a lot of points, so maybe I should give it a try.

With that in mind, a faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face.


Tang Wulin controlled his yellow mecha to take flight following the prompt from the electronic voice.

Instead of flying up at a high speed like Qiangu Zhangting had, his mecha ascended to the test altitude at a very even speed.

There were other mechas not far away that were executing their respective designated skills.

Tang Wulin had already reopened his eyes, and sparks of electricity were flashing deep within his pupils.

There was nothing faster than light in this world.

Lan Fuozi stood down below, and pursed his lips with disdain at the sight of how slowly Tang Wulin's mecha had risen up into the air. He had proclaimed himself to be a master mecha pilot, but he didn't even seem to be as proficient as that Qiangu Zhangting!

Right at this moment, arcs of electricity began to run along the surface of Tang Wulin's yellow mecha, as if it were beginning to malfunction. The unstable electrical currents were making the entire mecha tremor slightly, and even the propellers beneath the mecha's feet and on its back were flashing with electricity.

The workers overseeing the examination had also noticed this, yet just as they were about to extend an inquiry toward Tang Wulin through their communicator, the yellow mecha suddenly sprang into action.

A resounding thunderclap rang out, and the yellow mecha shot forth like a bolt of lightning without any acceleration process.

Three thunderclaps rang out almost in complete unison, making it sound as if the first thunderclap had echoed twice.

The yellow mecha looked as if it hadn't moved even a single inch from its original spot, but there was a triangle of electricity left in mid-air that was slowly fading away.

Before the workers and Lan Fuozi had a chance to figure out what had happened, the yellow mecha suddenly exploded, and its parts c

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