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Zhen Hua was astonished to see this. Incorporating seven types of elements was basically the limit of heavenly refinement! During his forging career, he had completed seven-elemental heavenly refinement very few times, and he would always be severely wounded during the process.

He opened his mouth to stop Tang Wulin, but decided against saying anything in the end. Only by truly experiencing these things could the most effective lessons be taught.

On top of that, this was the heavenly platform, and he was present to protect Tang Wulin, so his safety was assured.

How exactly had he managed to draw upon so much power of heaven and earth? At this point, Zhen Hua was in no hurry to activate the heavenly platform.

A sufficient amount of elements had already been gathered, and the greater the amount of elements gathered, the greater the impact on the piece of metal during heavenly refinement, and the more fearsome the tribulation lightning would be.

Devouring Heaven and Earth!

With this powerful soul skill, there was no need for Tang Wulin to rely on the heavenly platform to draw upon the power of heaven and earth for him. He was the Son of Nature and the one who had been chosen by the plane, so his affinity with nature was far greater than anyone could imagine. The planar ruler couldn't directly assist him, but it could grant him the greatest level of affinity with the entire plane.

As his cultivation rank progressed, this effect became more and more pronounced.

At this moment, Tang Wulin had his eyes closed as he experienced all of the elemental fluctuations around him. There was gentle water, scorching fire, spritely wind, heavy earth, holy light, mysterious darkness, and unpredictable space.

All of these elements were parts of the laws of heaven and earth, and they were the building blocks of this entire world. These were the purest elements, and they brought the purest power.

During the past few years, Tang Wulin had experienced far too many things. In particular, he had encountered his godly father on several occasions, so his understanding of the laws of heaven and earth far surpassed that of the average person.

These experiences were all extremely precious, and they really shone through at a time like this.

The power of heaven and earth was gathered and absorbed, but as opposed to directly injecting it into the metal as Zhen Hua had done, Tang Wulin was guiding this power into himself.

Devouring Heaven and Earth could enhance his powers to a great extent, yet as the seven-colored rainbow light surged into his body, he didn't directly absorb it. Instead, he guided them toward his Heavy Silver Hammers, which quickly took on a rainbow hue.

He then raised them up into the air before sending them crashing down toward the newly soul refined piece of heavy silver.


The entire heavenly platform tremored slightly from the impact, and the heavy silver instantly turned a rainbow color

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