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After letting loose that thunderous roar, the Golden Lion Mastiff instantly sprang up before sending its front paws crashing down toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin's expression changed slightly as he sensed the enormous power imbued within the attack, and he knew the aura being released by the Golden Lion Mastiff wasn't simply just one of pure strength. With the enhancements of the Dominance domain, it's entire body had been filled with peerless strength that was filled with a sense of insanity, culminating in an extremely fearsome aura.

Tang Wulin didn't dare to fight fire with fire, so he quickly shot back in retreat.


The Golden Lion Mastiff slammed its front paws down onto the ground, and the earth tremored violently as countless trees in the surrounding area were uprooted, and Tang Wulin was flung up into the air by the shockwaves.

During this process, his entire body went numb, and he was carried upward by the shockwaves in an uncontrollable manner. The Golden Lion Mastiff drew upon the impact to propel itself up into the air, then swiped a massive front paw horizontally toward Tang Wulin.

After unleashing its Dominance domain, its offensive prowess had been significantly enhanced, and Tang Wulin didn't dare to hold back any longer.

His dragon core quickly contracted, sending scorching blood essence coursing through his body to instantly alleviated the numb sensation he had been afflicted by. In the face of the Golden Lion Mastiff's massive paw, he retaliated by unleashing a punch of his own, and a rumbling thunderclap rang out, immediately followed by a resounding boom.

Tang Wulin was sent flying into the distance, while the Golden Lion Mastiff almost crashed down onto the ground with lightning flashing all over its body, rendering it temporarily unable to continue its assault.

Tang Wulin's blood essence churned violently within his body, and he only managed to stabilize himself after he had lost count of how many trees his body had snapped. The Golden Lion Mastiff definitely possessed the greatest strength among all of the soul beasts he had encountered. Perhaps only Bear Lord in full swing would be able to match it in this area, but Bear Lord was a Great Beast that had lived for countless years, so the fact that the Golden Lion Mastiff was able to match his strength was sufficient testament to how effective its Dominance domain was.

Of course, despite its enormous strength, it would be virtually impossible for it to harm Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin knew that he would definitely be under constant surveillance in the Myriad Beast Plane, so he didn't dare to display his full power in fear of revealing his true identity.

"Roar!" The Golden Lion Mastiff let loose another furious roar as its mountainous body appeared directly above Tang Wulin.

In retaliation, Tang Wulin sprang up and focused all of his power into his fist. Due to the fact that he was unable to use his Nine Arts of the Golden Drag

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