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Lan Fuozi soul power fluctuations gradually subsided, and the blue halos around him were drawn back into his body. Everything quickly returned to normal, and his thin yet handsome face was revealed once again.

"Are you a Sea Soul Master, Your Majesty?"

In the world of Soul Masters, power was everything, so the judge was immediately speaking to Lan Fuozi in a more respectful manner after sensing his Titled Douluo level aura.

Lan Fuozi nodded in response.

The judge continued, "Please forgive me, but I was unable to identify what your martial soul is; would you be able to enlighten us?"

Lan Fuozi hesitated momentarily before replying, "My martial soul is Vortex."

Vortex? Turbocharge? Tang Wulin's brows furrowed slightly upon hearing this. It seemed that Lan Fuozi wasn't telling the complete truth.

With his immense Spirit Domain realm spiritual power, he was able to sense many minute things that others couldn't.

Right when Lan Fuozi had released his martial soul, a faint sense of ferocity had emanated from his body. This type of aura was something that only beast martial souls could possess, but a vortex would be an elemental tool martial soul, so where had that ferocious aura come from?

This meant that Lan Fuozi most likely possessed a beast martial soul, but he was able to hide it very well.

In any case, it was undoubtedly the case that he was astonishingly powerful.

After a brief discussion, the judges gave him a perfect score.

Lan Fuozi's reported age was only 25, so the fact that he was already a Titled Douluo immediately made him one of the favorites for this joust for a spouse event.

Tang Wulin naturally came after Lan Fuozi, and after glancing at his registration form, the expressions of all of the judges had clearly changed slightly.

The judge that was sitting at the very center of the panel said, "Greetings, Your Majesty; please release your martial soul."

According to the registration form, Tang Wulin was Yu Longyue of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, and he had recently become a Titled Douluo. He was slightly younger than even Lan Fuozi, and most importantly, he was from one of the most ancient and most powerful Soul Master families!

If his martial soul really were the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, then he would definitely receive a perfect score.

Titled Douluos were definitely going to be the favorites during this event, particularly when they were as young as the likes of Lan Fuozi and Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin stood with his hands clasped behind his back with a proud look on his face. All of a sudden, scintillating lightning erupted from his body, following which a layer of bluish-purple scales appeared over his skin. At the same time, a bluish-purple giant dragon projection appeared behind him; it was none other than the legendary Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon!

This was a product that Tang Wulin had created by combining his Golden Dragon King bloodline, Ty

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