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The light radiating from the silver claw suddenly brightened even further, and a hint of anger crept into the deep, rumbling voice. "I'm collaborating with you, but that doesn't mean I'll conform to you!"

Dazzling silver light erupted forth, and all of the water in the entire lake down below instantly erupted upward. The silver claw swept through the air thrice in succession, and the entire space was suddenly on the verge of cracking.

The Sky Azure Bull Python and Titan Giant Ape were already resisting with all their might, but they were still repressed by the silver claw, and Tang Wulin instantly vanished amid a flash of silver light.

Both the Sky Azure Bull Python and Titan Giant Ape reverted back into their human forms and descended onto the shore with extremely dark expressions.

The Sky Azure Bull Python grumbled, "What an unreasonable bastard! We didn't even get to find out if that kid had anything to do with Tang San! If he hadn't been lying about his name, then it's remarkably similar to Tang Wutong. I recall Tang San said that the name 'Tang Wutong' bore the meaning of Tang San and Xiao Wu's little Phoenix; wouldn't that mean that that kid's name entails Tang San and Xiao Wu's little Qilin?"

"But he doesn't look like Tang San and Xiao Wu at all!"

"Are you an idiot? Could you not see that he was in disguise?" the Sky Azure Bull Python snapped, "If he hadn't been taken away, we would've had a whole host of ways to verify his identity. That attack he unleashed with the golden trident was very rudimentary, but it was rather similar to Tang San's Millennium White Clouds, so there really is a very good chance that they're related. If he really is Tang San and Xiao Wu's son, then we have to protect him at all costs; he's our only lead to finding the Divine Realm."

"What do we do? Should we leave this place?" the Titan Giant Ape asked.

A hesitant look appeared in the Sky Azure Bull Python's eyes. "We agreed to stay here to oversee all of the revived soul beast seeds in his stead; if we both leave, then something could go wrong during our absence. You go find him, and I'll stay here. Once you track him down, make sure to protect him at all costs, and establish a mark on his body. That way, we'll be able to appear by his side at a moment's notice."

"Alright, but what do we do with that kid?" the Titan Giant Ape asked as he pointed at the unconscious Lan Fuozi.

"Get him out of here. He risked his life to save Tang Wulin, so they should be good friends. Once we throw him out of here, he should automatically be teleported away."


Silver light flashed, and Tang Wulin regained his mobility again, while his soul power and blood essence also resumed normal circulation.

On this occasion, he had seen the giant silver claw in person, and it was just like how his friends had described it to be. What type of creature did that silver claw belong to?

It had saved his friends in the Great Star Dou Fo

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