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Tang Wulin shrugged in response. "Perhaps it's all rigged. He's the heir to the Spirit Pagoda, and I've heard that he's a Titled Douluo as well. If you're looking for a rival, I think you should be going after him."

Lan Fuozi appraised Qiangu Zhangting intently as he harrumphed coldly, "I'm sure they wouldn't dare to rig such an important event too heavily."

Tang Wulin chuckled, "Don't forget that the rules were made by his family. You better pray that you encounter him during the elimination matches. Otherwise, if he makes it into the top 10, none of us will have a chance."

"If they dare to rig the event like that, then I'll..." Lan Fuozi didn't finish his sentence, but his chest was heaving with rage.

Tang Wulin said, "Let's go and finish the examinations first." This Lan Fuozi was extremely powerful and possessed Spirit Domain realm spiritual power, so he would definitely prove to be a formidable foe for Qiangu Zhangting if they were to face one another, and Tang Wulin certainly wasn't opposed to creating some trouble for Qiangu Zhangting.

Following the first six examinations, Tang Wulin and Lan Fuozi were sitting at 57 and 58 points, respectively.

The seventh examination was something that Tang Wulin was very familiar with: mecha control!

However, Lan Fuozi was completely mortified at the sight of the generic yellow mechas being used for the examination.

"They're testing mecha control?" Lan Fuozi gulped nervously upon seeing this.

"Do you not know how to pilot mechas?" Tang Wulin asked.

Generally speaking, Soul Masters of a certain caliber all had a certain level of mecha piloting experience.

"I don't, not even a little bit," Lan Fuozi replied in a dejected manner, "I always thought that this stuff was useless compared to individual power. You're a battle armor master, right? I am as well! Isn't battle armor far superior to mechas?"

Tang Wulin smiled, and replied, "Once you reach a certain level, anything can become very powerful, including mechas."

"Oh? It sounds like you're an expert," Lan Fuozi remarked as he raised an eyebrow.

Tang Wulin shrugged in response. "I'll definitely do better than you, at least."

The mecha control examination was very interesting in that each participant had to draw lots to receive a certain skill that they had to perform, and the score was given based on the difficulty and execution of the skill.

This examination had clearly been prepared for Soul Master who excelled in mecha piloting but were lacking in other areas.

Qiangu Zhangting went ahead of Tang Wulin and Lan Fuozi, and he drew a skill before getting into a mecha.

The mecha control examination was completed in the air, so it didn't take up any space in the sports stadium. There were 10 designated areas in the air that could allow 10 participants to undergo the examination at once, and there were dozens of judges standing down below.

It was originally planned for each participan

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