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Tang Wulin was listening carefully to Zhen Hua's description, developing some base knowledge about heavenly refinement in the process.

Zhen Hua continued, "Come with me. The best way to teach you is to show you what heavenly refinement looks like. I'll demonstrate a heavenly refinement for you, then instruct you to perform one of your own. After that, you can go back to carefully ponder the process, then come to me once per week until you succeed in your first heavenly refinement. I don't care how busy you are, you have to stay here until you become a Divine Blacksmith. You have a far better foundation than I did, particularly in terms of spiritual power, and that'll benefit you immensely when it comes to heavenly refinement.

"Hence, don't think about slow and steady development; you want to succeed in heavenly refinement as quickly as possible. With one successful experience, the rest will be up to you to explore and fine-tune. Prior to this, I have to be by your side to ensure your safety."

Tang Wulin became rather hesitant upon hearing this. It was going to be a problem for him to stay in Bright City until he could succeed in his first heavenly refinement.

Neither he nor Zhen Hua knew how long this would take; what if the process took too long?

The Shrek Academy rebuild needed him, and he had to participate in the joust for a spouse.

The Spirit Pagoda was clearly using this joust for a spouse event to target him; if they were to fail, who knew what kind of other snide tactics they would come up with? As the Tang Sect Master and Sea God's Pavilion Master, he couldn't just run away from those responsibilities.

Zhen Hua could see his hesitation, and he said in a sincere and meaningful voice, "Wulin, I'm sure you understand how important heavenly refinement is. If you can become a Divine Blacksmith, you'll be able to benefit Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect in unimaginable ways. Perhaps you still don't understand the true importance of a Divine Blacksmith; if you can reach that level, you'll have the right to negotiate with the federation and demand that they revoke the announcement incriminating the Tang Sect as a treasonous organization, do you understand?"

"I can do that?" Tang Wulin was stunned to hear this.

Zhen Hua replied with a faint smile, "Profit is the true core of this world; in the face of sufficient profit, nothing is impossible. What I just said is definitely plausible, but the prerequisite is that you'll have to give the federation a lot of benefits, such as completing a certain number of heavenly refinement jobs for them. As such, I don't suggest for you to enter such negotiations as a Divine Blacksmith; I'm just telling you how important a Divine Blacksmith is to the federation. Up to this point, I'm still the only Divine Blacksmith on the entire planet.

"My abilities are only waning with age, but you're still young. All blacksmiths have a prime period; I'm not too old yet, but I'm already

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