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The red-hot piece of heavy silver rose up, and Tang Wulin sent his hammers crashing down like a pair of shooting stars.

"Boom, boom!" Two loud booms rang out in unison, and Zhen Hua could clearly hear a dull dragon's roar erupt from Tang Wulin's body.

Faint golden light began to radiate from his spine, then traveled along his arms, through his hammers, and finally into the piece of heavy silver.

Following the pair of resounding booms, a burst of silver light erupted from the piece of heavy silver, rising up to over 10 feet! First-grade thousand refinement!

Tang Wulin hadn't completed thousand refinement with a single hammer blow, and he had used his hammers' Stacked Hammers effect, but there still weren't many Saint Blacksmiths who could replicate what he had just done. This was a demonstration of Tang Wulin's exemplary mastery of forging techniques, and Zhen Hua smiled upon seeing this.

With his sharp discerning eye as a Divine Blacksmith, he was immediately able to identify that Tang Wulin had worked extremely hard in this regard and had improved significantly compared to last time. It was clear that he hadn't slacked off in his forging since they had last met.

The soul refinement for all of the suits of three-word battle armor for his friends had been completed by him, and they were all soul refined alloys of the highest quality, so aside from cultivation, forging was the activity that he had spent the most time on. In terms of soul refinement success rate, even Zhen Hua may not be able to compare with him. After all, he had far too much of an advantage in his powers and strength.

Silver light rose up alongside a faint dragon's roar, and Tang Wulin took a deep breath as he raised his hammers again.

His eyes became even clearer, and a strange quality crept into his aura.

Zhen Hua's body shuddered slightly as he could sense that the air around Tang Wulin had taken on a slightly warped and illusionary appearance, which was a sign of spiritual power being released outward.

What immense spiritual power! Zhen Hua's heart was full of praise toward Tang Wulin, but also a slight hint of envy.

Aside from soul power, spiritual power was the most important measure of a Soul Master's abilities, and the higher the caliber of a Soul Master, the more important spiritual power became as it was the basis for further improvement. On top of that, applications for spiritual power were extremely broad, and the higher the rank of a blacksmith, the more spiritual power was required to sense the minute changes within a piece of metal.

Tang Wulin's hammers fell again, but on this occasion, they fell a lot lighter. Tang Wulin was only using the power of his wrists to tap the hammers onto the piece of heavy silver at a high frequency, creating a pleasant rhythm akin to that of rain falling upon a banana leaf.

During this process, the piece of heavy silver was also buzzing incessantly as if it were reciprocating his fo

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