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Azure Jade Birds were similar to Infernal Lightning Vines in that both of them were self-destructive. It was virtually impossible for Azure Jade Birds to break through the 100,000-year bottleneck as they would all transform into giant chunks of jade before that. This type of jade was of superb quality, and many noblemen would collect such prized pieces of jade during ancient times.

Humans didn't have anything to do with the extinction of Azure Jade Birds; they were simply far too violent and aggressive, and they would often even attack their own brethren.

According to the textbooks of Shrek Academy, this was a self-destructive species that paved the way to its own downfall in the end.

It was exactly due to this description that Tang Wulin had a very clear recollection of this type of soul beast.

However, just like the Infernal Lightning Vine, this type of self-destructive soul beast was extremely powerful.

Azure Jade Bird possessed extremely hardy skin and bones, and their physical constitution was virtually the best among all birds. On top of that, they possessed a certain level of control over spatial powers, making their attacks very unpredictable.

Their bodies were their greatest weapons, but unfortunately for this Azure Jade Bird, Tang Wulin's physical constitution was even more fearsome than its own. Thus, the surprise attack was thwarted, yet before Tang Wulin had a chance to admire this relic of the past, it began to attack him again.

It flapped its wings vigorously, piercing through the air amid a sharp screeching sound as it reached Tang Wulin in a flash.

On this occasion, Tang Wulin was already prepared, and he clenched his right hand into a fist before launching it toward the oncoming bird.

A loud thunderclap rang out, and Tang Wulin remained standing on the spot in mid-air, but the Azure Jade Bird had completely stiffened in front of his fist with a layer of bluish-purple lightning running all over its body.

In the next instant, it's massive body plummeted out of the sky and thumped down onto the ground below.

Azure Jade Birds were indeed very powerful, but this one was only around 10,000 years old, so it was no match for Tang Wulin. However, Tang Wulin didn't kill it. It was a very good experience to be able to witness an extinct soul beast, and he didn't want to kill such a majestic creature.

After that, Tang Wulin quickly descended into the forest. He was very confident in his own powers, but the teachers of Shrek Academy had taught him not to fly over a forest inhabited by soul beasts as doing so would attract attacks from flying soul beasts, as well as many soul beasts that were concealed within the forest, thereby making for a very dangerous situation.

In contrast, it was safest to travel along the ground. All soul beasts were territorial creatures, including soul beasts dwelling in forests. This meant that under the majority of circumstances, one would only have to face one

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