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Tang Wulin looked on at Zhen Hua's departing figure in a flabbergasted manner. What had happened to basic trust and integrity? Didn't he say that he could leave after successfully completing heavenly refinement once? Why was it suddenly 10 times now?

However, a smile appeared on his face almost as soon as Zhen Hua turned around. He had already succeeded once, so was 10 more really that difficult to accomplish? It didn't seem so!

With his Infernal Lightning Vine, the greatest obstacle, which was the lightning tribulation, was very easy for him to overcome. Thus, all he had to do now was accumulate more experience and experiment with different types of metals and alloys.

He had still had much room for improvement, but thankfully, he had finally made the breakthrough. Furthermore, he could sense that his Infernal Lightning Vine was still rather dissatisfied even after devouring a portion of the elemental tribulation.

He didn't know what effect this tribulation lightning would have on his Infernal Lightning Vine, but it was definitely going to be a positive one.

On top of that, heavenly refinement could also refine his body and allow him to forge divine-grade metals; it was an ideal method of cultivation for him!


10 days passed by in a flash, and the day that the entirety of Bright City had been eagerly awaiting finally arrived.

Since the early morning, the Bright City Sports Stadium had been completely surrounded, and there were many soldiers maintaining law and order, ensuring that the most important roads leading to the sports stadium were unobstructed.

The Spirit Pagoda was most likely the only organization that could hold a joust for a spouse event of such a massive scale.

According to the latest statistics, the number of registrants for the event was already close to 4,000. The prizes on offer were simply far too alluring to miss.

On top of that, the Spirit Pagoda had announced three days ago that it would be offering a 100,000-year-old soul spirit as Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena's dowry.

This piece of news was the last straw that broke the camel's back, and the entire Soul Master world instantly erupted into a frenzy.

Generally speaking, all Soul Emperors were above 25 years of age, and those between 25 and 50 comprised the true elite core of the Douluo Continent's Soul Master world.

The total number of registrants may have only been 4,000, but one had to realize that these were all Soul Emperors, Soul Sages, Soul Douluos, and even Titled Douluos!

It could be said that this was the top-tier power of the entire continent.

There were even people who had joked that if a Godslayer missile were to be dropped on the Bright City Sports Stadium, then the majority of the Douluo Federation's top-tier power would be eradicated.

This was only a joke, but due to the tragedy that had befallen Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect, the federal government had made sure to take extensive

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