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Lan Fuozi continued onward as he appraised the vine with amazement in his eyes, but all of a sudden, he drew to an abrupt halt as a sense of peril welled up in his heart.

He immediately leaned back before propelling himself backward like a speeding arrow.

Right at this moment, the closest vine to him suddenly came crashing down like a giant hammer with the massive flower bud aimed directly at him.

During its descent, the huge flower bud instantly spread open, releasing a burst of powerful suction force.

Goosebumps appeared all over Lan Fuozi's entire body at the sight of the giant flower. After spreading itself open, rings of small sharp teeth were revealed within it, giving it the appearance of a meat grinder.

In this perilous situation, Lan Fuozi spun around in mid-air, and a series of blue halos erupted from his body, producing bursts of powerful repulsive force. The massive flower was instantly repelled by the blue halos, but right at this moment, a rich fragrant aroma wafted into Lan Fuozi's nostrils, and he was instantly struck by a sense of dizziness.

The flower had just released a burst of toxins!

A sense of shock and fury welled up in Lan Fuozi's heart as his eyes instantly turned blue, and the blue halos around him swept outward as rings of sharp blades.

The sharp blades swelled drastically in size, almost instantly transforming into huge scimitars over three meters in length that swept toward the huge flower with formidable rotational force.

The giant flower was instantly torn apart, and crimson juices flew in all directions, while the fragrant aroma in the air became even more pronounced.

Lan Fuozi had begun holding his own breath as soon as he realized that something was amiss, but he discovered that the fragrance was able to seep into his body through his pores!

Thankfully, with his Spirit Domain realm spiritual power, he was able to control his own body to close all of his pores and keep the fragrant aroma at bay. However, the toxins that had already entered his body was making him very drowsy, and at the same time, he was experiencing an indescribable sense of euphoria.

All he wanted to do was lie down and take a good nap, and even more giant flowers were converging toward him, taking up his entire field of vision.

He immediately bit down onto the tip of his own tongue, using the pain to shake off the sense of euphoria as he fled the scene. At the same time, blue halos erupted from his body, forming a tornado-like barrier.

These Man-eating Nightmare Flowers were one of the most feared predators of the Great Star Dou Forest. Countless soul beasts and humans had fallen prey to its toxins before they had even sensed any danger, falling into a deep slumber before becoming sustenance for the flowers.

Its Nightmare Toxins were listed by the Tang Sect as one of the 10 most potent poisons in nature, and aside from its aroma, it had no shape, color, or form, and it was extremely

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