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A mountainous black creature crashed heavily down onto the ground, causing the earth to quake violently.

Tang Wulin was immediately able to identify the massive creature as an ape that was over 100 meters tall, and it had crashed down from the heavens like a meteorite.

In the next instant, an enormous burst of pressure began to weigh down upon him. This was gravitational control!

Tang Wulin instantly unleashed the gravitational control ability of his Mountain Dragon King torso bone as a countermeasure while the giant ape leaped toward him while lashing out with its massive fists.

Even with its massive body, it was able to unleash hundreds of punches in an instant, and the entire sky was filled with countless fist projections.

There was no way to evade the attacks!

Having been struck by this string of attacks, a sense of fury had begun to well up in Tang Wulin's heart, and he took a deep breath as he unleashed his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body, causing all of his scales to take on a mirror-like quality.

Immediately thereafter, he accelerated in mid-air before lashing out with his right fist.

Even without his Golden Dragon Spear, he was able to unleash All or Nothing with his fist, instantly injecting all of his strength, soul power, blood essence power, Golden Dragon King bloodline, and the lightning of his Infernal Lightning Vine into the attack.


An earth-shattering boom rang out as the giant ape's fists were stopped cold in their tracks while Tang Wulin was sent flying backward by the force of the impact.

He quickly determined that he was definitely facing a soul beast above 100,000 years of age, and this was a soul beast that was of no weaker a species than the Golden Lion Mastiff.

What was even more concerning to him was that this giant ape clearly wasn't the one who had unleashed the wind attacks earlier, which meant that there was a very good chance that there were two 100,000-year-old soul beasts in this place.

Despite this, Tang Wulin remained calm as he released his suit of battle armor.

More lightning began to course over his suit of battle armor, forming a barrier to conceal its appearance as much as possible.


"Hold on, that Yu Longyue just entered the restricted area! We have to report this to our higher-ups right away!"

"All of the soul beasts in the restricted area are extremely powerful, particularly the ones that are being specially nurtured, and we're unable to conduct surveillance in that area due to the chaotic energy there. I didn't think anyone would be able to make it into that area; this is going to be quite troublesome."

"Is there any way to directly teleport him out of there?"

"I'm afraid not; we can't control anything within the restricted area. Let's report this matter and wait for a verdict from our higher-ups."

"I've just received a response from our higher-ups: if he can make it out of the restricted area, then tel

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