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He had scored 30 points from 10 examinations, but this was nothing to be proud of. After all, there was only a single Tang Sect Master and Sea God's Pavilion Master on this entire planet.

Lan Fuozi was standing behind the soul tool, but he could still sense that the entire device had jumped slightly. On top of that, Tang Wulin had completed his examination faster than everyone else, and his expression had already changed as he watched Tang Wulin step down from the platform.

He was beginning to believe that Tang Wulin had received a perfect score for the first examination now.

He had received perfect scores for all three examinations thus far; what did this entail? It entailed that he was truly a formidable rival! Receiving a perfect score in one examination could be passed off as luck, but what about three in a row?

"Not bad, Brother!" He gave Tang Wulin a thumbs-up, but his expression had clearly become less enthusiastic.

All of the participants were potential rivals in love, and he had originally thought that he would be able to show off to Tang Wulin, but now, he could see that Tang Wulin was a serious rival.

Tang Wulin naturally wasn't going to pay any heed to Lan Fuozi's newfound animosity. However, he had also developed an interest in Lan Fuozi. Tang Wulin had never seen anyone enhance their own soul power as Lan Fuozi had done during the second examination. He couldn't describe what type of feeling that was, but such an explosive yet sustained boost in soul power was something that he had definitely never witnessed before. There weren't even any records of this in Shrek Academy.

This was not just a simple matter of disguising one's cultivation rank. Instead, it was a very peculiar change in Lan Fuozi's soul power.

"What was that soul power boost you received earlier? It seems to be very rapid yet also sustainable; is that a secret technique you've cultivated?" Tang Wulin asked.

A smug look appeared on Lan Fuozi's face. "That's not a secret technique; it's an innate talent that only those from my family possess."

However, a hint of wariness then appeared in his eyes. "Why are you asking about something like this?"

Tang Wulin smiled, and replied, "I'm just curious."

Lan Fuozi contemplated the situation for a moment before proposing, "You tell me how you cheated during the second examination, and I'll tell you about my ability."

Tang Wulin couldn't help but burst into laughter. "You have yourself a deal."

Tang Wulin continued, "My martial soul possesses the power of lightning, which can heavily impact space. As a result, I was able to warp space and distort the projections."

Lan Fuozi was instantly enlightened upon hearing this. "You can do that? But lightning is very difficult to manipulate; wouldn't it require exceptional control to do this? That's very impressive!"

This Lan Fuozi appeared to be rather straightforward and bullish, but Tang Wulin discovered that he was actuall

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