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Her gaze fell directly upon the few highest-ranking Battle Gods, yet just as she was about to say something, Tang Wulin's voice rang out beside her ears, and her brows furrowed slightly as she declared, "I want to challenge the third Battle God."

The Battle God Hall held the group from Shrek Academy in very high regard, so the first, second, and third Battle Gods were all present. The fourth Battle God was absent, and this was followed by the fifth, seventh, and eighth Battle Gods.

Ye Xinglan had originally intended to challenge the first Battle God, but she reluctantly changed her mind upon being dissuaded by Tang Wulin.

The third Battle God was a Hyper Douluo, and he cast his gaze toward Guan Yue, while all of his companions directed their attention toward him.

The Battle God Hall had already suffered two losses; they couldn't afford to lose anymore. If that were to happen, the Battle God Hall's reputation would be swept to the ground.

Furthermore, their side had made the challenge during the second round, and that was already breaking some rules of the Battle God Hall, but they still hadn't won that match.

Xu Lizhi had held back, so the Gluttony Douluo was actually already awake, but he refused to open his eyes as he felt far too embarrassed.He didn't even get a chance to use his most powerful soul skills before he was literally cooked!

The third Battle God strode forward while appraising Ye Xinglan with an intense gaze, then made an inviting hand gesture toward her.

The two of them entered the battle area, and in the instant that they did so, both their auras immediately began to spike.

A peerlessly sharp aura erupted out of Ye Xinglan's body, and a series of rifts had appeared in the surrounding air in the face of her unmatched sword intent.

In contrast, the third Battle God was as still and resolute as a mountain, and even though his outward appearance was very ordinary, his mountainous aura struck one with a sense of immense pressure.

This match was different from the first two in that it was a clash between a pair of assault system Soul Masters.

Ling Zichen was standing by Tang Wulin's side, appraising the battlefield with an unblinking gaze, and a series of emotions had welled up in her heart as the battles had progressed.

The emotion that she was struck by while witnessing Xie Xie's battle was surprise; Xie Xie's instantaneous explosive prowess made her feel as if she were witnessing the rise of the future king of agility attack system Soul Masters. She had interacted with Xie Xie on many occasions, and she had even scolded him in the past, but he always reacted with a lackadaisical smile, completely contrasting with the image of a powerful being.

As for Xu Lizhi, she had always known that he was a food system Soul Master, and in her eyes, all he was good for was making steamed buns. However, he was a four-word battle armor master.Despite her immense pride, she was well aware of

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