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Qiangu Dongfeng asked in a furious voice, "Then what about those Shrek Academy students? Do you know how heavy a price I had to pay to get those Godslayer missiles for you? Why didn't you ensure that all of them had been killed?"

Ghost Emperor replied in a cold voice, "That's because the information you provided us is inaccurate; there must be a sanctuary in Shrek Academy, one that we failed to discover. At the time, the entire Shrek City was destroyed, and a huge number of deceased souls had risen up into the air, so there was no way for us to verify whether these souls included those of Shrek Academy's students. However, we managed to harvest at least 15 Titled Douluo souls, so not many people should remain among Shrek Academy's higher-ups. It's just a few students; why are you so bothered by them? You can just kill them so you don't have to worry about them."

"I can't do that with the current controversy that's arisen surrounding our Spirit Pagoda! Do you know what kind of entity Shrek Academy is? It has even more influence over the entire continent than our Spirit Pagoda! Countless elite Soul Masters are Shrek Academy alumni; if they succeed in their rebuild, then many powerful Soul Masters will flock to join them. When that time comes, it'll be very difficult for us to deal with them."

Ghost Emperor asked in an indifferent voice, "So what do you want to do?"

At this point, Qiangu Dongfeng had already calmed down, and he replied, "I'll verify the exact situation over at Shrek Academy. In the meantime, prepare your forces to completely destroy Shrek Academy at all costs. Regardless of how many survivors there are, we have to kill them all; we can't allow Shrek Academy to make a resurgence!"

"Hehe, and why should I listen to you?" Ghost Emperor sneered.

"You...! Don't forget our agreement!" Qiangu Dongfeng snarled with barely-contained rage.

"Agreement? Where's the war you promised us? Where are the countless souls you promised us? Your Spirit Pagoda can't even deal with such a young Tang Sect Master and allowed him to ruin our entire plan. Everything has been set back indefinitely due to your incompetence, yet you still dare to tell me what to do?"

Qiangu Dongfeng replied, "Do you think I wanted to see this happen? Who could've foreseen the Tang Sect's actions? In any case, the Tang Sect has been declared to be a treasonous organization, and I'm going to exert pressure on the federal parliament to restart this war. The commander of the federal fleet, the Boundless Ocean Douluo, is a volatile factor that we can't control, so next time, I'll try to instate a commander whom we can directly control. Think about it, Ghost Emperor, if Shrek Academy makes a resurgence, your Holy Spirit Cult will suffer as well. Do you really want to see them rise again?"

Ghost Emperor was silent for a moment before replying, "Shrek Academy's decision to rebuild at a time like this definitely isn't just some ill-advised act of des

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