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Shrek Academy had allies all over the continent, and its rebuild had swayed the stances of many officials in the Eagle Faction. Many of those who were originally in support of war had altered their opinions due to the academy's rebuild, and this was a major reason behind why Qiangu Dongfeng was so concerned about the Shrek Academy rebuild.

All of Shrek Academy's alumni were elite Soul Masters, and many of them occupied important positions in the federation. It was simply unrealistic for the Spirit Pagoda to remove all of those people from power.

A soul train slowly arrived at the station, and the normal carriages were packed like sardine cans. The standing tickets that no one bought under normal circumstances had been completely sold out, and a group of people emerged from the luxury carriage.

They were led by a tall and broad young man who appeared to be around 27 to 28 years of age. The young man had a pair of bright and piercing eyes, and his body seemed to be brimming with endless energy.

Following along behind him were seven or eight burly men, and one of them said, "Young Master, the cars that are picking us up have arrived."

There were three soul cars already waiting on the platform, and this was undoubtedly a privilege that only extremely important people could enjoy.

The young man nodded, and asked, "Have you gotten into contact with the Spirit Pagoda yet? Would I be able to meet Gu Yuena in advance?"

"My apologies, Young Master, but the Spirit Pagoda told us that Gu Yuena won't be seeing anyone before the commencement of the joust for a spouse."

The young man became slightly enraged upon hearing this. "They're refusing even me? What do they take our Blue Lighting Tyrant Dragon Clan for?"

His voice was rather loud and instantly attracted a lot of attention.

Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan? Those who were well-versed in history were astonished to hear this.

This was a very ancient clan that could be traced back to over 20,000 years ago. It was one of the six pillar clans of the Spirit Hall back when that existed, and that was sufficient testament to how powerful the clan was.

"Please be quiet, Young Master; you're attracting a lot of attention," the burly middle-aged man beside him hurriedly said.

The young man harrumphed coldly, "Let's get in the car first."

He made his way toward the middle car as he spoke, and someone opened the door for him before closing it after he took a seat.

The three luxury sedans slowly left the platform, leaving the surrounding bystanders to discuss what they had just witnessed. That young man was none other than the young master of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, and he had come for Gu Yuena as well.

Gu Yuena had been given the nickname of Silver Dragon Princess, and it had been revealed that her martial soul was the Silver Dragon, which could control all elements, making her particularly adept in using elements in battle.

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