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Silver light flashed, and Gu Yuena returned to her own room.

The blush on her face had already vanished, and had been replaced by a cold and aloof expression.

She cast her gaze out the window with a forlorn look in her eyes. He was in that direction, but what was she supposed to do?

She had already guessed that he would come, so why was her heart in such turmoil now?


Everyone on the streets was discussing the joust for a spouse, and photographs and posters of Gu Yuena were being sold like hotcakes. Such merchandise was only available for sale from the Spirit Pagoda, and it had granted some businesses the sales rights to some dealerships, making huge earnings during the process.

With the broadcasting fees, ticket sales, and registration fees that the Spirit Pagoda was receiving, it had basically broken even in this event. On top of that, only the Spirit Pagoda itself was aware of the cost price of man-made black soul spirits.

Overall, not only had this event nullified a lot of the controversy surrounding the Spirit Pagoda, they were profiting from it as well.

The Spirit Pagoda had prepared a large amount of lavish prizes, but they were basically all produced by the Spirit Pagoda itself with the soul spirits as the crown jewel, so the cost price was actually very low.


"Uncle-teacher." Tang Wulin extended a respectful bow toward the middle-aged man standing before him.

The middle-aged man smiled and patted him on the shoulder. "I didn't think you would develop this quickly; you've already become a Titled Douluo in such a short time! Show me your battle armor."

"Yes," Tang Wulin replied before releasing his Dragon Moon Song battle armor.

The translucent suit of battle armor gave off a dream-like quality, and it was as if it had been entirely constructed from golden crystal.

The middle-aged man patted his breastplate, then tapped it with his fingers a few times, and a faint layer of light revolved over the surface of the suit of battle armor.

After that, the middle-aged man nodded with a pleased expression. "Everyone in our field of work is a perfectionist because only perfectionists can refine the best metals and create the best suits of battle armor; you've done very well in this regard. You've already reached full mastery of soul refinement, and I'm sure your rapid improvement is closely linked to the progression in your cultivation rank and spiritual power. The foundation has been set; I'll begin teaching you heavenly refinement today."

The middle-aged man standing before Tang Wulin was none other than the Divine Blacksmith and chairman of the blacksmith association, Zhen Hua.

Ever since the assassination attempt, the security around Zhen Hua had been bolstered significantly, to the extent that no one knew exactly where he was.

Even the federal government and the Spirit Pagoda held him in extremely high regard.

When the Holy Spirit Cult had first begun coll

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