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The Dove Faction championed peaceful development, and war and invasion were the last things it wanted to see.

As the peace-loving entity that it was, Shrek Academy would definitely stand with the Dove Faction at a time like this. Even so, prior to this day, Mo Lan had never revealed to anyone the plan to rebuild Shrek Academy. Everything had been progressing in strict confidentiality, and aside from her, no one knew what these resources were being allocated toward.

The resources were currently on the way, and thus far, Mo Lan had already been contacted over 10 times via soul communicator. Heaven Dou City was very close to the original site of Shrek City, and many members of the Dove Faction were calling her to inquire about the situation after receiving news of what was happening.

Mo Lan had expressed her full support toward Shrek Academy's rebuild, and this was something that the vast majority of the Dove Faction wanted to see as well. However, she refrained from telling anyone about the resources she was providing to Shrek Academy.

At this point, the reconstruction of Shrek Academy had already commenced.

All of Shrek Academy's students had already been assigned with tasks, and they were jumping into things with immense vigor and excitement.

Many things had already been prepared in advance. One soul tool after another was being pulled out of storage soul tools, and installation commenced right away.

There was naturally no way that the federation would provide these soul tools, so these resources were all from the Tang Sect.

Yali flew over to "Yun Ming", and said, "Hopefully, everything goes smoothly."

"Yun Ming" smiled, and replied, "We've commenced the rebuild very abruptly, and no signs were leaked beforehand. During this period of time, we've gathered resources from all sides; even if the Spirit Pagoda were to attack us without any consideration for the consequences, there's no way they'd be able to do so in a short time. In any case, they wouldn't dare to attack us so blatantly anyway. It's a pity that we no longer have the Divine Space Time Shuttle. Otherwise, everything would progress a lot more smoothly."

Yali asked, "Right now, are you him or yourself?"

"It's me, Mother," Tang Wulin replied.

Due to the fact that the Tang Sect had been declared as a treasonous organization by the federation, he couldn't appear in the public eye as the Tang Sect Master. Thus, he required a new identity.

By the time they returned, they were already able to use the Divine Space Time Shuttle to exchange for Yun Ming's soul from the Holy Spirit Cult. The exchange was completed in private, and the Holy Spirit Cult had even tried to recruit the Tang Sect through the Amorous Douluo, but the result of that was obviously very apparent.

Even though the Atlas Douluo's soul had finally been recovered, it was slightly incomplete and could only engage in simple communication under certain circumstances. His soul

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