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So what if Bear Lord was a Limit Douluo level Great Beast? They were going to kill him together!

During this past period of time, Shrek’s Seven Monsters had been constantly training together, and their teamwork had improved significantly. On top of that, they had structured all of their joint training around facing potential Limit Douluo level opponents.

As Shrek’s Seven Monsters, they had the heavy responsibility of rebuilding Shrek Academy on their shoulders. Light Dark Douluo was already well into her old age, and the Holy Spirit Douluo's forte lay outside of battle. As such, as this generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, they had to step up.

They had experienced countless hardships and painful experiences, but never did they give up, and all of them were developing rapidly. In this instant, they put the fruits of their efforts on full display.

As the leader of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, even though Tang Wulin hadn't directly attacked Bear Lord, he was constantly by his friends' side.

His eyes had remained on Di Tian this entire time, and he stepped forward with his left foot as a layer of crimson suddenly appeared over his suit of battle armor. At the same time, his eyes turned bright red, and he took the initiative to attack Di Tian with an enormously powerful deranged intent in his heart.

Di Tian's eyes glazed over slightly upon seeing this. How many years had it been since someone had dared to attack him?

He felt as if he were being attacked by that young man and his six soul spirits again. Back then, he had been furious. How could those soul beasts have been willing to become a human's soul spirits? However, as it turned out, they had made the right decision. In the end, all of them had ascended into the Divine Realm with that man and attained immortality. In contrast, he had stood at the pinnacle of this world for countless years, yet he still hadn't managed to shake off the shackles of mortality.

In the next instant, he returned to his senses and was immediately struck by the deranged intent of the Golden Blood Dragon domain.

Even with his immense powers, he could clearly feel his own bloodline trembling in fear in that instant, and he was almost overcome by the urge to bow in subordination.

He was then greeted by the sight of Tang Wulin leaping up into the air, and the person who had forced back Bear Lord also sprang up before transforming into a giant saber that landed in Tang Wulin's grasp.

His expression finally changed as he had identified that blade, and he realized why Zi Ji had retreated in such a horrified manner.

How could she not be afraid of the law-enforcing saber of the dragon clan?

This was a divine weapon of the dragon clan forged from the horn of the Dragon God!

The powerful saber projection struck Di Tian with a vision of himself being escorted onto an execution platform with countless giant dragon spectators, and he felt as if that almighty rainbow figure were look

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