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On top of that, everyone knew that the Tang Sect had to be supporting Shrek Academy's rebuild, but no one could say anything about it. Furthermore, the federation couldn't forcibly take away the land of Shrek Academy as Shrek City had existed even before the federation!

This land had always belonged to Shrek Academy; if the federation were to take it by force, then that would be equivalent to an invasion.

Shrek Academy may have been destroyed, but its influence was still extremely strong on this continent. If the federation dared to go that far, then it most likely wouldn't be far away from dissolution.

As such, after the Holy Spirit Cult refused to destroy this new Shrek Academy, Qiangu Dongfeng discovered that he was rather powerless in this situation.

At the very least, Shrek Academy had the support of the Holy Spirit Douluo, the Heartless Douluo, and the Amorous Douluo, so he couldn't even oppress it by force.

This had made Qiangu Dongfeng quite irritable of late, and he became uncharacteristically angry upon hearing about the incident that had taken place in the Great Star Dou Forest.

"Investigate the situation right away!"

He was naturally aware of the existence of the Great Beasts, and the Spirit Pagoda had a truce agreement with the Great Beasts. The main reason behind the Spirit Pagoda's decision to make this concession was the existence of Beast God Di Tian; he was simply too powerful, and killing him would be an extremely difficult task.

According to the instructions left behind by the forefathers of the Spirit Pagoda, they were waiting for the arrival of Di Tian's final heavenly tribulation, which would present an opportunity to make Di Tian into a soul spirit for the Spirit Pagoda.

If they could do that, then the Spirit Pagoda would acquire a new powerful guardian. The Spirit Pagoda had already devised a method to allow soul spirits to live on permanently, and for this objective, several dozens of generations of Spirit Pagoda chairmen had communicated with Di Tian, but all of them were rejected.

Thankfully, during the past several millennia, Di Tian hadn't done anything out of line, either, so the truce continued. According to the information passed down by the forefathers of the Spirit Pagoda, Di Tian's next heavenly tribulation wasn't going to be far away, so the Spirit Pagoda could afford to wait. Once his heavenly tribulation arrived, Di Tian would have no choice but to become a soul spirit, and that would undoubtedly benefit the Spirit Pagoda immensely.

Once Di Tian became a soul spirit, it would be a lot easier to deal with the other Great Beasts.

After issuing an instruction to launch an investigation into the Great Star Dou Forest situation, Qiangu Dongfeng fell into a contemplative silence.

The current situation appeared to be quite peaceful, but Shrek Academy was in the midst of its rebuild. Even without Yun Ming, a new Shrek Academy would be extremely troublesome as it

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