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Tang Wulin couldn't truly draw upon the power of the sea, but as the son of the Sea God, he would naturally receive the blessings of the ocean, and the sea was his most loyal guardian. It could be said that it would be virtually impossible even for a demigod level Limit Douluo to kill him out at sea.

Tang Wulin's heart was filled with emotion as he sensed the changes in the energy fluctuations within his body. Only after becoming a Titled Douluo did he truly feel like he was worthy of the titles of Tang Sect Master and Sea God's Pavilion Master.

Looking back, everything had happened so quickly that even he was still in disbelief. So many years of effort and sacrifice had finally allowed him to attain his current level of power. He was confident that he would become a Limit Douluo in the near future, and he had to take that step en route to becoming a god as only then would he be able to find his family!

Many Soul Masters drew motivation in their cultivation from visions of grandeur and power, but those things weren't very attractive to Tang Wulin. What truly motivated him was the relationship that he shared with those closest to him.

In order to attain the power to protect Gu Yuena, he was willing to sacrifice to constantly advance onward, striving toward the day when he would be able to stand by her side to face her troubles together.

In order to find his birth parents, he had to go even higher and rise beyond the limits of humans to become a god. This goal was an extremely distant one, but so what? His father had managed to achieve it, so why couldn't he?

With that in mind, Tang Wulin was instilled with a sense of vigor, and he couldn't help but throw his head back and let loose a long cry straight into the heavens.

His voice spread far into the distance over the boundless ocean, and the placid seawater began to churn slightly as rich water elements revolved around him in an affectionate manner.

A series of Bluesilver Emperor vines emerged from Tang Wulin's body, and each vine was around as thick as a human arm. They seemed to be slightly thinner than they had been in the past, but all of them were covered in fine dragon scales. The vines were bluish-golden in color, but they were enshrouded within a layer of purplish-golden light.

No visible arcs of lightning had appeared, but in the instant that these Bluesilver Emperor vines emerged, the air around Tang Wulin began to warp noticeably, as if it were about to be torn apart.

Purplish-golden light flashed through Tang Wulin's eyes, and he pointed a finger forward, upon which countless Bluesilver Emperor vines shot forth toward the same direction like lightning, converging to form a giant spear that was his Blue Emperor Fury of the Masses.

Spear intent surged through the heavens, and a rumbling boom akin to a dull thunderclap suddenly rang out as what appeared to be a purplish-golden void appeared around a kilometer away. The void was only there for a

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