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The first piece of information that was released was the venue for the event. It was going to take place in Bright City, rather than at the Spirit Pagoda headquarters, as many people had expected.

The reason provided was that there was a more suitable venue at Bright City, and that it was only right to hold such an important event in the capital city.

Following the fall of Shrek City, Bright City had become the continent's number one city, and the true objective behind this decision by the Spirit Pagoda was to situate the event far away from the rebuilding Shrek Academy.

Through this joust for a spouse, they were going to attract attention away from the Shrek Academy rebuild. If they were to hold the event at the Spirit Pagoda headquarters, which was very close to Shrek Academy, the competitors and spectators could easily be drawn to the situation unfolding at Shrek Academy instead, and that was not something that the Spirit Pagoda wanted to see. The last thing they wanted was for Shrek Academy to achieve the same level of influence as it had prior to its destruction.

At the same time, the federal parliament was being dominated by the Eagle Faction, and the Spirit Pagoda was one of the Eagle Faction's primary backers. As such, it could be said that Bright City was a fortress for them as the Battle God Hall was also situated there. Holding the event at Bright City would also attract more powerful beings of the younger generation to participate in the event, thereby further increasing the event's influence.

Three days after the venue announcement was made, another astounding announcement was released. In order to ensure that not all participants aside from the final victor went home empty-handed, the Spirit Pagoda was offering a variety of lavish rewards, including 100 black soul spirits!

That's right, 100!

This was a staggering number!

Following the emergence of man-made black soul spirits, the overall price of soul spirits had decreased slightly, but the price for black soul spirits remained extremely high. As such, 100 black soul spirits was an unimaginable reward to be offering.

This meant that the top 100 competitors would all receive a black soul spirit, and aside from that, there were other precious rewards such as custom-made suits of battle armor, spirit items, and more. The higher one's placing, the more rewards they would receive, and this astonishing display of wealth from the Spirit Pagoda had left the entire Soul Master world completely flabbergasted.

Even the Soul Masters who had denounced the joust for a spouse event were tempted to participate as the rewards were simply irresistible! The attraction of 100 black soul spirit instantly sent the entire Soul Master world into a frenzy, and many Soul Masters who were over the age limit were cursing themselves for not being born a few years later!

The promotion for the event was a massive success, and three days later, the Spirit Pagoda made a

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