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So what if this was a trap? He would just have to smash their trap into smithereens! He wasn't going to allow anyone aside from himself to be the final victor of this joust for a spouse. Even if it were only a nominal title, he wasn't going to allow any other man to be known as her boyfriend.

"But Boss, you'll be falling into their trap if you participate in this!"

Yuanen Yehui also hurriedly urged, "Wulin, calm down and we'll discuss this together."

Tang Wulin turned to them with a smile, and said, "Don't worry, I'm very calm right now. I'm going to participate in this joust for a spouse, but I won't do anything reckless. For the sake of the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy, I'm going to keep myself safe and also ensure that the Spirit Pagoda regrets ever coming up with this ploy."


"Goddess, goddess, goddess!"

The same word was being chanted everywhere across the federation. At the very least, the chants could be heard on many of the streets of Bright City after those two videos were released.

With the support of the federal parliament, the Spirit Pagoda had launched an extremely extensive promotional campaign that had reached every corner of the continent.

In contrast with Tang Wulin's Trial of Five Gods, this promotional campaign was far more effective.

The Trial of Five Gods had only begun to gain popularity after it had begun, but the joust for a spouse event had already gained an enormous amount of traction well before its commencement. The Douluo Continent also had a far greater population than that of the Star Luo Continent, and Gu Yuena had become a household name.

The promotional campaign concluded there, and the Spirit Pagoda made a very smart decision to allow the joust for a spouse to continue to gain traction without any further input.

All of the other information regarding Gu Yuena had been made strictly confidential, but it was already enough for the public to know that she was extremely beautiful and possessed power in equal measure.

Many young Soul Masters were already filled with motivation, particularly those who fit the criteria for participation. Those who possessed insufficient cultivation ranks could only lament their own laziness and cultivate harder than ever.

The ones who were most motivated were those who were on the cusp of reaching rank 60 in soul power. They were cultivating like madmen every single day, hoping to claim a late qualification spot.

There was only going to be one final victor in the joust for a spouse, but everyone was hoping to be able to dip into the mouthwatering prize pool. As such, everyone was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the event, and many people were impatiently calling for the event to be held earlier than its announced date.

The news of the Shrek Academy rebuild was completely drowned out, and in no more than a month, the basic foundation was complete.

There were many aspects of construction that required a lot of time. F

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