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As the Spirit Pagoda was slowly restoring its public image, the federal fleet was forced to retreat, and the war didn't commence as planned. According to analysts, if both sides were to attack without any regard for consequences, and the federal fleet would also suffer heavy losses, and without a logistic supply chain to support it, it was very likely that the fleet would be completely destroyed by the two empires.

As powerful as the federation was, even it wouldn't be able to handle the loss of its three most powerful fleets. As such, there was no alternative other than to retreat for now.

Even more aggressive proposals had been raised by the Eagle Faction, such as launching the final Godslayer missile to completely eradicate the Star Luo Empire's defensive line. However, such a destructive idea received very little support even in the Eagle Faction, so it was naturally nothing more than a far-fetched idea.

Thus, the Tang Sect had prevented this war from taking place at the expense of being dubbed a treasonous organization.

At the Sea God's Lake.

The clear water of the lake rippled as a gentle breeze blew over its surface.

This was supposed to be an extremely beautiful scene, but there wasn't even a single blade of grass growing around the entire lake. This was a memento left behind by the Godslayer missile.

The destructive energy left behind by the Godslayer missile had extremely potent radiation properties, so the area in a radius of three kilometers around the Sea God's Lake was unsuitable for habitation, and it was very likely that this radiation would linger for as long as a millennium.

This was the most fearsome aspect of a Godslayer missile. If a normal person were to live in this area, they would quickly fall ill and could even die from the radiation. Soul Masters naturally had superior physical resistance, but their health would be affected by living in a place like this as well.

A soul SUV was slowly traveling along the bumpy plain beside the lake, and in the car were five people, two men and three women, all of whom appeared to be in their twenties.

The thick glass of the vehicle and the internal circulation system had effectively kept all of the destructive radiation at bay.

"It's so beautiful, but at the same time, the complete lack of life around it is kind of terrifying," a young woman with a ponytail sighed.

"Indeed. This is why we have to stand against war. Otherwise, if things were to go out of control, another weapon of this caliber could be used," the young man who was driving said in an expression of social justice.

The young man sitting in the passenger's seat sighed, "What a pity; Shrek Academy once stood here! My greatest dream as a child was to become a student of Shrek Academy. Being able to graduate from Shrek Academy would be an immense honor that would immediately make one stand out above everyone else."

A baby-faced woman sitting in the backseat pursed her li

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