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"Who are you?" Yingying asked the question that everyone had in their mind. She was simply far too beautiful, to the extent that even women couldn't muster up any envy toward her; they were only struck by a sense of closeness in her presence.

The woman smiled, and replied, "My name is Yali; I'm also known as the Holy Spirit Douluo."

"Holy Spirit Douluo?" The group of young men and women were stunned to hear this. They had all received education about Soul Masters in the past, so they were naturally aware of what this title entailed.

This exquisitely gorgeous woman was a Titled Douluo! This was like a fairytale! In their eyes, all Titled Douluos were paramount beings; never did they think that they would meet one in the flesh, and they certainly didn't expect there to be such a kind and benevolent Titled Douluo.

"Then, who is he?" Yingying asked as she looked up at the white-robed young man in the sky.

Yali also turned to look up at the white-robed young man as her eyes became slightly glazed over.

"Atlas Douluo?" An astonishing trembling voice suddenly rang out right at this moment.

A group of people had appeared in the air nearby, and they were all facing this direction. The group was led by an elderly man who appeared to be in his sixties, and his body was trembling slightly. He even rubbed his eyes vigorously to make sure that he wasn't seeing things, and he was completely stunned by what he was seeing.

Was that the Atlas Douluo? Was that really the Atlas Douluo? This was incredible! How was that even possible? Wasn't he supposed to be dead?

The white-robed young man turned toward them with a placid gaze, but the elderly man and his eight companions all felt their souls tremble in the face of his gaze. An indescribably terrifying burst of spiritual might surged toward them, and the immense pressure rendered them unable to continue flying, forcing all of them down onto the ground.

"Go and tell Qiangu Dongfeng that I'm still alive!" the white-robed young man said. Every single syllable he uttered was imbued with tremendous spiritual power that struck the elderly man's soul like a string of heavy hammer blows, and he immediately threw up a mouthful of blood before fleeing from the scene like a terrified dog.

This was Atlas Douluo Yun Ming, a mighty figure who had dominated an entire generation! Even though he never attended parliamentary meetings in person, everything that he said was taken very seriously by the federal parliament.

He was the one who had prevented the Holy Spirit Cult from resurfacing and forced the Spirit Pagoda to develop in a slow and steady manner despite its outrageous ambitions.

Countless evil beings had perished to his Divine Atlas Spear, and he was said to be the one who was closest to becoming a god. If the Divine Realm still existed, then perhaps he would've already ascended.

He was the Sea God's Pavilion Master, and the pillar of Shrek Academy; even a Godslayer

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