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The reconstruction of Shrek Academy entailed that the situation on the entire continent would be altered. The bombing had created far too much grief and pain, and the people that would be most directly affected by the reconstruction of the academy would be the families of the students who had been gone for so long.

As was the case with Yaping, it would be a massively pleasant surprise for all of the families of Shrek Academy's students to find out that their loved ones were still alive.

Shrek Academy's teachers had given their lives to protect the students and ensure their survival. This was the most important point that the Dove Faction latched onto for its promotion, and was definitely going to have an extremely positive impact on the revival of Shrek Academy.

Looking down at the Tang Sect disciples and Shrek Academy students, tears began to well up in Tang Wulin's eyes. Following the bombing, he and his friends had been under a cloud of crippling grief as they set off to join the military to preserve the seed of the academy.

Now, Shrek Academy was finally being rebuilt, and the process was definitely going to be an extremely arduous one, but they were going to see it through to the end and defend the academy with everything they had, just as the teachers had protected all of the students.

A series of faces surfaced in his mind, including the stern face of Silver Moon Douluo Elder Cai, and the expectant and hopeful faces of his grandteacher, the Scarlet Dragon Douluo, and his teacher, the Blazing Dragon Douluo. All of those familiar teachers and seniors no longer existed now, but the students had survived, and they were the seeds of Shrek Academy.

Did these students not miss their families during these past few years? Of course they did. However, none of the students left. In order to prevent news of their survival from being leaked, they gritted their teeth and forcibly repressed their longing to see their own families.

All of them had the same conviction, which was that their lives had been given to them by Shrek Academy. If it weren't for the teachers' sacrifices, they would've all been dead already.

There were so many Titled Douluos among their teachers, if they had abandoned the students and attempted to escape, their chances of survival would've been very high. However, not a single teacher did that; all of them sacrificed their lives to buy time for the students to escape.

As a result, the same sacrificial spirit had been instilled deep into the hearts of the students as well. Ever since that tragic disaster, all of them had pledged their lives to Shrek Academy. The glory of Shrek Academy was their glory, and they would live and die with Shrek Academy.

Thus, all of them followed the rules. Regardless of how much they missed their families, they repressed their impulsive urges, and it was all for this very day! They were finally able to return to the surface, as was Shrek Academy.

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