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"There seems to be someone watching us. My spiritual power came into contact with it, but it was only for an instant, so I couldn't determine exactly what it was," Tang Wulin said with a dark expression.

He possessed Spirit Domain realm spiritual power, yet the being that was watching them was able to easily shrug off his spiritual detection; the implications behind that were naturally quite apparent.

"Get out of there!" Right at this moment, a familiar voice rang out deep within Tang Wulin's mind, and the Silver Dragon King scale hanging in front of his chest also became scorching hot.

It was Gu Yue's voice!

"Retreat!" Tang Wulin instructed without any hesitation.

No one knew what was going on, but they had absolute trust in Tang Wulin and immediately turned back with him.

Right at this moment, the surrounding area suddenly darkened, and it was as if night had suddenly fallen. A powerful aura of darkness surged forth from all sides, striking one with a sense of asphyxiation.

"I've been searching for you for a long time, but who would've thought that you would turn up on my doorstep?"

A rumbling voice rang out in all directions, and the voice was imbued with an indescribable authority, as if it were the collective voice of countless soul beasts.

Everyone's expression changed drastically. What kind of being was this? How was it able to release such stifling pressure? Was it a Limit Douluo level soul beast?

"Maintain the formation!" Tang Wulin yelled as he instantly donned his Dragon Moon Song battle armor amid a flash of golden light. Everyone else also immediately released their suits of three-word battle armor, which had been completed during their return trip from the Star Luo Empire.

All of them were true three-word battle armor masters now, and this was one of the reasons why Tang Wulin had been confident enough to rebuild Shrek Academy.

The most astonished one among them was Tang Wulin himself. He possessed Spirit Domain realm spiritual power, but he could clearly sense that his spiritual power was currently being completely suppressed. The opponent's spiritual power was like the almighty power of heaven and earth, and his spiritual power was significantly inferior.

At the very least, this was spiritual power that was at the pinnacle of the Spirit Domain realm. Even Infernal King Douluo Harosha's spiritual power couldn't compare with this.

Within the darkness, a series of figures slowly emerged.

On the left was a young man exuding a sense of demonic charm. As he strode forward, a series of yellow unsettling eyes began to emerge on all of the trees around him.

On the right was an incredibly burly man; it was none other than Bear Lord, who had attacked Tang Wulin and the others back when they were departing from the Blood God Legion. If it weren't for the heavy ion laser gun saving the day, they would've most likely already perished.

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin sensed someth

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