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She had once sensed Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King aura in the past, but that couldn't even begin to compare with what it currently was. Just as Di Tian had said, they definitely couldn't allow him to continue to develop. Otherwise, he would grow to become a major threat. Once his Golden Dragon King bloodline completely awakened, he would be able to contend with even their lord!

She adjusted the power of darkness within her body to forcibly settle her trembling bloodline, then continued in her attack.

However, right at this moment, a burly man suddenly appeared before her. He was wearing a suit of golden armor, and he resembled a mighty god of war.

As he raised the giant saber in his hand, Zi Ji was suddenly struck by a sense of disorientation. It was as if she had adopted her Demonic Infernal Dragon Monarch form, and there were countless spectating dragons as a voice rang out with boundless authority. "All dragons must subject to my judgment!"

A sense of extreme horror immediately overwhelmed her, and she let loose a cry of alarm as she instantly shot back in panic. A burst of powerful purple light erupted from her body, making her resemble a miniature purple sun as she bulldozed through the undergrowth behind her.

In the face of the purple light, all plants quickly withered away before disintegrating within the darkness.

Sima Jinchi held his Dragonslaying Saber, yet instead of pursuing Zi Ji, he slashed the saber through the air with devastating might, and his target was none other than Bear Lord's Duskgold Dreadclaw attacks.

His true body was the Dragonslaying Saber, so in a sense, he and Tang Wulin had a spiritual connection, which allowed Tang Wulin to directly instruct him in battle.

After forcing the Demonic Infernal Dragon Monarch into retreat, Sima Jinchi turned to attack his actual target, which was Bear Lord. At this point, everyone else had also sprung into action.

Streaks of dazzling starlight descended from the heavens, and all of them were falling down upon Bear Lord. At the same time, the surrounding darkness suddenly brightened, and within the dim world, a series of bright stars appeared, forming a star disc that revolved up above, striking the four Great Beasts with a sense of dizziness.

Myriad Demon King's attacks were instantly reversed and shot forth in all directions, while the starlight basked Bear Lord in a layer of golden light, instantly immobilizing him on the spot.

This was Xu Xiaoyan's three-word battle armor domain, Revolving Heaven and Stars! It was a domain with ultra-powerful control abilities.

"Clang!" It was also right at this moment that the Dragonslaying Saber crashed into Bear Lord's attack.

Without the Revolving Heaven and Stars, Sima Jinchi would've most likely been forced onto the back foot by that attack, but under the effects of Revolving Heaven and Stars and Dazzling Starlight, most of Bear Lord's offensive power was nullified, and he was immobilize

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