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"My Lord, I just don't understand why you're so protective of that Tang Wulin! His very existence is a threat to us, and his rate of development is only growing faster. If we continue to let him grow, it's very likely that he could completely master the Golden Dragon King's power soon."

The silver figure replied, "That's exactly what I want to see. I've already recovered the core of the Dragon God, and I'm waiting for him to develop to his full potential before fusing with him. Only then will the Dragon God be able to return in his full glory and rebuild the Divine Realm."

Di Tian stammered in a slightly slack-jawed manner, "B, but, who would claim dominance then? He's a human!"

The silver figure replied in a cold voice, "Are you more aware than I am of who will claim dominance following the fusion? I ordered you not to step in, yet you've disobeyed me over and over again. If I hadn't planted some surveillance on him, he would've most likely fallen by your hands already! He still hasn't developed to his full potential and completely absorbed the Golden Dragon King's power yet. If I kill him now and absorb his power, it's very likely that the Dragon God will never be able to return in his full glory."

"My sincerest apologies, my Lord." Di Tian was still rather unconvinced by this for some reason, but he couldn't pinpoint any fallacies in the silver figure's explanation.

The silver figure continued, "I'll let things slide this time, but from now on, stay out of this matter and leave him to me!"

"Yes!" The four Great Beasts bowed in unison.

The silver figure then made her way over to Di Tian and placed a hand onto his head. Di Tian's body shuddered, and the erratic flow of his life force began to stabilize itself again.

"Thank you, my Lord." Di Tian heaved a sigh of relief, and at the same time, he could sense that the silver figure's power had truly returned.

He had dared to disobey her orders and attack Tang Wulin in large part due to the fact that she still hadn't fully recovered her powers, so he could still overpower her if need be. However, he certainly didn't dare to do so from now on. He was well aware of just how fearsome she was at the height of her powers; she was like a deity among men!

The planar power of the Douluo Continent was no longer anywhere near sufficient to repress a being like her, and in a sense, it could even be said that she could contend with the entire plane on her own.

"Make the required preparations; we have to initiate the next part of our plan. The human world is going to be thrown into massive turmoil soon, and this is the best opportunity for us."

"Yes, my Lord!"


When Tang Wulin reawakened, he was greeted by the sight of a boundless golden world.

This was a completely silent and peaceful world. He reflexively raised his head to find a wide path up ahead. It was the only landmark in this golden world, so it was impossible to miss, and it stretched

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