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Dai Tianling was feeling very remorseful. He should've displayed an even better attitude toward the Tang Sect and not been so conceited. Only after witnessing the Tang Sect's soul weapons did he truly realize just how far the Star Luo Empire was lagging behind.

He had to tie the Tang Sect and the Star Luo Empire together in the future regardless of the cost; this was the greatest opportunity for the empire to ascend to greater heights!

With that in mind, Tang Wulin's handsome face surfaced in Dai Tianling's mind again. He really wanted to kill this brat who had fled after thoroughly embarrassing his daughter, but at the same time, if it weren't for Tang Wulin, the people on the federal fleet would be the ones celebrating right now.

On top of that, he was even more interested in the violent storm that had been conjured up several days ago. If the Star Luo Empire could learn the ability to alter the weather from the Tang Sect, then it would no longer have to fear the federation.

Tang Wulin was naturally unaware of what Dai Tianling was thinking. At this moment, the Tang Sect submarine was traveling toward the Douluo Continent at its maximum speed.

After resting for a few days, Tang Wulin had already recovered to peak condition. They were situated deep in the sea, so they had no idea what was happening in the Star Luo Empire, but they had done everything they could. If the Star Luo Empire still couldn't keep the federal fleet at bay, then there was nothing further they could do.

"You really do seem to be fine now. Even I can no longer assess the condition of your body; all I can say is that your physical constitution has already exceeded what should be humanly possible. Even a Limit Douluo like myself can't compare with your physical constitution."

After returning from the imperial palace, the Holy Spirit Douluo had been constantly monitoring Tang Wulin's bodily condition during the past few days. She had been informed of what had happened during that storm, and she had been astonished that Tang Wulin had managed to remain completely unharmed during that fearsome storm of lightning.

At the same time, she was also very concerned for him and examined his body every day to ensure that he was fully healthy.

As it turned out, Tang Wulin truly possessed an inhuman body; not only was it completely unharmed, it had never been better.

His physical constitution could only be described as exceptional, and it was improving every single day. After becoming a true Titled Douluo, it was more important for Tang Wulin to consolidate his powers rather than seek to make further improvements, and he had done very well in this aspect.

The goal he had set for himself was very simple; he wanted to completely consolidate his own powers and fully master his own body prior to returning to the Douluo Continent.

"Thank you, Mother. I also feel like I've never been better." The drastic enhancements Tang Wulin's body had undergon

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