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The most damning part about this experience was the loneliness. Tang Wulin discovered that he couldn't even inflict any harm or pain upon himself in this space, and his mind was incredibly alert, but there was nothing for him to do.

In this environment, a normal person would most likely quickly go insane. Even in solitary confinement, one would still be able to hear some sounds, but there was nothing here.

Tang Wulin had already cursed Qiangu Zhangting countless times in his heart. If it weren't for that accursed badge, he wouldn't be stuck here right now.

He was even struck by the urge to give up on the Sea God's Trident as this trial was simply too painful to endure. However, as soon as this thought surfaced in his mind, he immediately repressed it.

How could he give up when Sea God's Trident was the true coordinates to track down his parents and loved ones?

The training that he had endured on the demonic island began to shine through here. There was nothing to do anyway, so Tang Wulin began to attempt to calm himself down. He tried to completely empty his mind.

He was far too alert to sleep in this world, but he could completely empty his own mind.

In the beginning, he found this very difficult to accomplish, and all types of erratic thoughts would surface in his mind after just a short time. However, as time passed, he gradually began to improve in this endeavor. He discovered that this was a very interesting experience, as if he were battling against himself.

After finding that state of inner peace, he would be able to calm down and rid himself of all the erratic thoughts. On top of that, in this calm state, he discovered that many problems that he couldn't find answers to in the past suddenly became very clear, both in cultivation, as well as in other aspects of life.

Thus, he began to think every time he entered this tranquil state, and whenever that happened, his mind would become very clear. Even though he couldn't cultivate here, his clarity of mind allowed him to work through one problem after another, and gradually, he became accustomed to silence and loneliness.

He began to develop some coping mechanisms, such as finding inner peace, thinking about problems, and reminiscing about his own past.

He still firmly believed that there would be a day when he would leave this golden world, and his heart became more and more tranquil and steadfast, as did his eyes.

After an indeterminate period of time had passed, a beam of light suddenly appeared in his mind without any warning.

Tang Wulin merely opened his eyes in a calm manner, and a faint smile appeared on his face.

"The second trial of the Sea God, Loneliness, has been completed. Duration: one year!"

One year? Tang Wulin's heart stirred slightly upon hearing this. He had been in this world of nothingness for an entire year?

His power spread through his entire body again, and sound was suddenly reintroduced into his world,

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