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"Hmm?" Just as the burly man was walking away, he suddenly stopped in his tracks before pressing his right hand into the air. Yuanen Yehui was standing right beside him, so she could clearly sense that this casual motion from the burly man was making the entire space collapse, and a thought immediately occurred to her as she hurriedly said, "Don't! He's not an enemy!"

A muffled groan rang out as a figure was squeezed out of thin air, and he stumbled slightly before steadying himself. It was none other than Xie Xie in disguise.

Yuanen Yehui was competing on this day, so Xie Xie was naturally in attendance as well. Just as he was about to approach Yuanen Yehui, he caught sight of the burly man making his way over to her, and he even had the audacity to pat Yuanen Yehui on the shoulder! Even as her boyfriend, he hadn't been permitted to touch her in such a casual manner! All he had done was unintentionally see her fully nude in the past...

"You're an interesting little guy as well, but you've gone down the wrong path," the burly man said with a wistful shake of his head.

"Calm down! He knows Wulin," Yuanen Yehui said as she grabbed onto the indignant Xie Xie.

Xie Xie's expression eased slightly upon hearing this, but he still grumbled in a low voice, "He touched you just now!"

"I couldn't stop him," Yuanen Yehui replied with a hint of frustration in her eyes.

Xie Xie's heart jolted slightly upon hearing this. He was more aware than anyone of just how powerful Yuanen Yehui was; even though she was only a Soul Douluo, she could definitely contend with the average Titled Douluo.

The fact that she was unable to brush the man aside indicated that he had to at least be a Hyper Douluo, and quite a powerful one at that.

They didn't possess Spirit Domain realm spiritual power as Tang Wulin did, so they were unable to ascertain the man's precise level of power, but they were able to make basic deductions.

"I'm Yuanen's senior; why can't I touch her?" the burly man said as he cast an unfriendly gaze toward Xie Xie, "I should be telling you to get away from my Yuanen!"

Xie Xie's lips twitched slightly upon hearing this, and his indignation became even more pronounced.

For some reason, Yuanen Yehui was struck by the urge to laugh at the sight of his expression.

"I don't recall a senior like you," she said with a perplexed look in her eyes.

The burly man replied, "All that matters is that you know about me now. I'm very pleased with you, lass; it truly makes me happy to have a descendant like you."

Just as Yuanen Yehui was struggling to make sense of the situation, Tang Wulin's voice rang out beside her ears. "He's telling the truth. Let's discuss this further once we get back."

Yuanen Yehui's heart was completely eased upon hearing Tang Wulin's voice, and they followed the burly man out of the sports stadium.

A soul car was already waiting for them there, and the car was fitted with one-way gl

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