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Gu Yuena was standing beside the bed of the unconscious Qiangu Zhangting with a series of emotions flashing through her eyes. Qiangu Zhangting had already been unconscious for over an hour, and according to the healing system Soul Masters, he had fainted mostly due to emotional reasons rather than from his injuries. The vast majority of the power of Tang Wulin's Dragon Emperor Slash had been withstood by Qiangu Dongfeng, so Qiangu Zhangting's injury was only skin-deep. He was a Titled Douluo himself, after all, so his defensive prowess was certainly no joke.

Qiangu Dongfeng was busy taking care of other matters, so Gu Yuena was staying behind to look after Qiangu Zhangting, and at this moment, her mind was completely elsewhere.

The Dragon Emperor Slash had been extremely powerful, but what had truly stunned her was Tang Wulin's hundred-meter domain.

That domain represented the acknowledgment of the dragon clan. She had long been aware of Tang Wulin's bracelet, but she didn't think that it contained such pure and unadulterated admiration.

From Tang Wulin's mental manifestation, she was finally able to understand what he had done during his 1,000-day absence.

He did possess the Golden Dragon King bloodline, but he was still a human, yet he had laid all of the dragon skeletons of the dragon tomb to rest on his own.

She could still clearly recall that the entire Dragon Valley space had been extremely unstable at the time. Furthermore, she didn't want to have to face him, so she had hurriedly left. However, he had disappeared for over three years, and by then, it had become impossible for her to access the Dragon Valley again.

So that was what he had been doing all along. What he had done for the dragon clan couldn't be described through words. At the time, he was still far less powerful than he currently was, and as a normal human, his lifespan was limited to only around 100 years at most, yet he had chosen to expend 3% of the best years of his life on completing such a lonely and thankless task.

It was no wonder that his soul power hadn't improved by much upon his return; he had spent all his time and energy on that task!

The gratitude of all of the dragon souls had been condensed into that bracelet, and it acted as an amulet for him, preventing any dragon from being able to attack him, not even the Evil Vanquishing Dragon.

A series of complex thoughts raced through Gu Yuena's mind, but they were concealed behind her calm facade.

Right at this moment, a hoarse cough rang out, and Qiangu Zhangting opened his eyes in a disoriented manner.

He immediately caught sight of Gu Yuena, and his memories gradually returned to him, upon which he clearly began to become more emotional.

Gu Yuena strode over to him before whispering something into his ear, and only then did his expression ease slightly.



"I'm so sorry, Nana; I can't believe how useless I am. It's all my fault!" Qiang

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