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The people he had sent out to track down Yu Longyue had failed to do so, but as long as he appeared at the joust for a spouse event again, Qiangu Dongfeng was determined to ensure that he didn't leave alive.

He had to eliminate Yu Longyue even if it meant making an enemy of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. He possessed too much potential, and it was almost certain that he would become a demigod in the future. On top of that, his golden trident would make up for the loss of the Soul Sucking Badge.

The final day of the joust for a spouse event was coming up the next day, and it was time for the Silver Dragon Princess to make her decision. A trap had already been set by Qiangu Dongfeng during the past few days to ensure that Yu Longyue wouldn't be able to get away.

Early the next morning, the Bright City Sports Stadium was already completely surrounded by people, the vast majority of whom didn't have tickets. This was going to be the final day of the joust for a spouse event, and even those without tickets would be able to see a live broadcast on the large screen outside the sports stadium.

At the same time, there were many people offering high prices to pay for resale tickets. Even though the vast majority of people were convinced that the Silver Dragon Princess would choose the Divine Dragon Prince, seeing it in person was a completely different experience.

The federal government had no choice but to deploy more soldiers to maintain order, and those with tickets were organized into lines to enter the stadium in an orderly fashion.

There were many people chatting excitedly with one another in the lines.

"Do you think the Silver Dragon Princess will fight the candidates today? She's free to challenge anyone from the final 10."

"Maybe. Apparently, the Silver Dragon Princess is also very powerful. Of course, she's definitely no match for the Divine Dragon Prince. If you ask me, it doesn't really matter; it's not like she's going to choose anyone else anyway; the Divine Dragon Prince is way too handsome!"

"Stop drooling! It's not like you have a chance with him!"

Tickets were examined one after another, and soon, a man with a hood over his head reached the front of the line.

"Please display your ticket," the employee urged. With so many people in the lines, it was naturally best to do things as quickly as possible.

"I don't have a ticket," the hooded man replied.

"If you don't have a ticket, then go away!" the employee said in an impatient manner.

The young man removed his hood, then wiped a hand over his own face to reveal a set of handsome facial features.

"Argh, it's Yu Longyue!" A burst of screams immediately rang out in the surrounding area.

That's right, the young man was none other than Yu Longyue.

Despite the trap that had been set for him, he had managed to arrive without being detected by the Spirit Pagoda.

With his powers and the special training he had undertake

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