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Lan Fuozi was still processing the strange emotion that had welled up in her heart, and thus, she was startled by the sudden announcement of her name. She reflexively pointed at herself, and asked, "Me?"

Ai Fei couldn't help but be amused by her rather comical display.

"Welcome, Lan Fuozi."

Only then did Lan Fuozi realize what was happening, and she blushed as she took a step forward before looking up at Gu Yuena on the courting platform. "M, Ms. Gu Yuena, I fell in love with you ever since I first saw you on television. You're so beautiful, and I can sense that your beauty is pure and holy. I was struck by a natural urge to approach you, so I came here. I actually ran away from home to come here, but I don't regret my decision. If you choose me, I'll be good to you for the rest of my life. This is a present for you."

She flipped a hand over as she spoke, and a small box appeared at the center of her palm. She carefully removed the lid of the box, revealing an eight-colored bead inside.

The bead itself was actually transparent, but there were lights of nine colors swirling within it, consisting of blue, red, green, yellow, azure, black, purple, gold, and white, presenting a very peculiar sight to behold.

Even with Gu Yuena's vast wealth of knowledge and experience, she couldn't help but be stunned by the sight of this bead.

A hint of sorrow appeared in Lan Fuozi's eyes as she said, "This was left to me by my father, and my mother says that I can only give this to someone I truly love. This is the most precious thing I have, and my love for you is true. If you choose me, then it's yours, and I implore you to cherish it."

Gu Yuena's captivating voice rang out in response. "I can't take that. Even if I choose you, I can't take something so precious from you. I can feel your sincerity and your love, and for that, I thank you."

What exactly was that eight-colored bead? The vast majority of people present had no clue.

Tang Wulin was standing right beside Lan Fuozi, and with his enormous spiritual power, he could sense that a boundless ocean seemed to have suddenly appeared before his eyes as Lan Fuozi brought out that bead.

The eight-colored light was filled with pure power of laws, and this was definitely a priceless treasure.

Even the tribulation lightning that Tang Wulin attracted during heavenly refinement only had seven colors, yet this bead contained eight, so it transcended even tribulation lightning.

Never did he think that Lan Fuozi would bring out something this incredible for a joust for a spouse event; wasn't she being way too sincere?!

A stir immediately ran through the spectators upon seeing this. They didn't know what that bead was, but judging from Gu Yuena's reaction, it was definitely an extremely precious item.

Qiangu Dongfeng's expression changed slightly for the very first time. As a Limit Douluo, he was naturally also able to sense the rich power of laws contained withi

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