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There were many people currently speculating that Tang Wulin could be the one to progress from the third group as opposed to Qiangu Zhangting.

During the era of the Spirit Hall 20,000 years ago, the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan was one of the six founding families of the Spirit Hall. The clan had kept a low profile for many years, but Yu Longyue was singlehandedly forging a new resounding reputation for the clan.

Over a month quickly passed by, and Tang Wulin lived a very routined life, consisting of heavenly refinement, cultivation, and fighting in matches.

Gu Yuena hadn't come to find him, and nor had he tried to seek her out, but he had been working even harder in his cultivation ever since the day she left.

Zhen Hua was a very strict teacher, but he had already approached Tang Wulin on three separate occasions, urging him to take more time off; this was sufficient testament to just how hard Tang Wulin was working.

Through his hard work, he had managed to completely master his Dragon Emperor Breakduring this month, and he was even able to control the power of the attack as he pleased.

This Dragon Emperor Restriction Technique was more for control than for inflicting direct damage, and Tang Wulin had even employed the services of Limit Douluos to provide guidance to him. At the same time, he had been trying to integrate all of his soul skills during heavenly refinement in order to create more Dragon Emperor Restriction Techniques.

However, it was clear that Dragon Emperor Restriction Techniques weren't going to be that easy to create. His mental manifestation had already stabilized, so most of his cultivation revolved around heavenly refinement.

Er Ming was regularly traversing between the Myriad Beast Plane and Bright City, and he was with Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie every day, providing guidance in their cultivation and visiting all of the attractions in the city. As a result, they had become a lot closer with one another.

Yuanen Zhentian still hadn't been told about Er Ming; this was because Er Ming had decided that he wanted to wait until they returned to the family.

After completing his most recent heavenly refinement, Tang Wulin had rainbow light shimmering all around him, and even though his clothes were drenched with sweat, his eyes were particularly bright. He reflexively clenched his fists, and he decided to take a good rest tonight rather than continue to cultivate.

This was quite a luxury for him, and he had decided to take this break as the final round of the round-robin stage was coming up the next day. It would be decided who would progress to the final 10 from the third and fourth groups, thereby earning themselves the opportunity to be chosen by Gu Yuena.

Tang Wulin's opponent for the final round was his greatest love rival, Qiangu Zhangting.

Ever since Gu Yuena's visit on that day, Tang Wulin had been meaning to prove a point. Regardless of what objective she had, he defi

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