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Return to simplicity was the goal for all Soul Masters, yet Tang Wulin had achieved it even without his own realization.

He had become a Titled Douluo after that night of bliss with Gu Yuena, yet it was due to their altercation that he had achieved return to simplicity. It had to be said that everything seemed to have been designed by fate.

Only after taking a look at his soul communicator did Tang Wulin realize that he had been standing on the spot for two whole days, which meant that this was the third night since Gu Yue's visit.

Zhen Hua had stipulated that Tang Wulin was to be given absolute peace and quiet, so no one would disturb him here, and as a result, no one knew what had happened.

A sense of enlightenment had surfaced in his mind, but due to the emotional fluctuations that Gu Yuena's visit had brought on, he was completely unable to calm himself down and latch onto that sliver of enlightenment.

After briefly brushing his teeth and grabbing something to eat, he returned to the heavenly platform.

He needed to vent his emotions right now, and only lightning could calm him down.

The joust for a spouse had reached a relatively uneventful period, and the Myriad Beast Plane was still as popular as ever. Every single day, many high-grade Soul Masters would line up to enter the plane, allowing the Spirit Pagoda to profit massively. In contrast, the hype surrounding the joust for a spouse event had died down slightly as there were matches being held every day, and it wasn't all that exciting anymore. Only when there were important matchups was interest rekindled, and in order to continue promoting the event, the Spirit Pagoda had already begun issuing rewards to the competitors who had already been eliminated.

After the first two rounds of the round-robin stage, each group had a cluster of competitors with two victories, and they were undoubtedly the favorites to progress.

The most heavily anticipated group was still the third group. Not only did it have four Titled Douluos, two of them were handsome young prodigies in the form of Qiangu Zhangting and Yu Longyue.

There were many people who were lamenting the fact that they were in the same group. If they had been in different groups, it was very likely that they would both progress, thereby presenting both of them as options to Gu Yuena.

In the fourth group, Lan Fuozi was also displaying tremendous power and had two victories to her name. There were young prodigies in other groups as well, many of whom were at the Soul Douluo level and possessed special abilities.

There were only seven rounds left, and every round was very important. However, the spectators knew that the winner of the clash between Qiangu Zhangting and Yu Longyue would most likely be the one to progress from the third group.

The third round finally arrived, and funnily enough, Tang Wulin's opponent for this round was Lu Yuxing, whom Qiangu Zhangting had just defeated in the

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