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At the same time, Tang Wulin seized the initiative for the first time in his matches and pounced directly toward the center of the vast expanse of sand like a hunting falcon. The air around him began to warp, and all of the sand that was spreading through the area suddenly converged toward the center, almost instantly forming back into Lu Yuxing.

Lu Yuxing wore a completely dumbstruck expression, clearly having no idea what had just happened.

Lightning surged over the bluish-purple scales that had appeared on Tang Wulin's right hand, and he reached out directly toward Lu Yuxing.

After only a split-second delay, Lu Yuxing immediately returned to his senses, and he shot back like lightning while trying to disintegrate into sand again. At the same time, countless grains of sand shot forth toward Tang Wulin like a barrage of speeding arrows.

The palm of Tang Wulin's dragon claw suddenly turned a blackish-purple color, and a vast expanse of lightning erupted forth while the air around Tang Wulin warped once again.

All of a sudden, Lu Yuxing reappeared at the exact spot where he had been a moment ago, and Tang Wulin's electric dragon claw was already waiting for him there; it was as if Lu Yuxing had rushed into the attack on his own!

Specks of light appeared all over Lu Yuxing's body as he attempted to release his battle armor, but a burst of enormous repulsive force suddenly erupted out of the palm of Tang Wulin's right hand.

Lu Yuxing was struck by a rush of dizziness, and his connection with his own battle armor was instantly severed.

Lightning crackled all over Lu Yuxing's body as he was caught in Tang Wulin's grasp, and in that instant, Tang Wulin resembled an insurmountable Lightning God.

"Alright, the match has begun, and... Ah! Yu Longyue is taking the initiative in this match! What's going on? Why has Lu Yuxing returned to his human form? Hold on, judging from his expression, he doesn't appear to have done so voluntarily. My God! The match is over!"

That's right, the highly anticipated match between two Titled Douluos was over before Ai Fei could even muster up a complete sentence.

Lu Yuxing hadn't even managed to unleash any of his soul skills before he was steamrolled.

This was the result of a combination of Tang Wulin's Time Reversal domain and Dragon Emperor Restriction Techniques.

Following the breakthrough Tang Wulin had made in his spiritual power, his spiritual domain had naturally been enhanced as well. There was simply far too huge a disparity between the spiritual powers of Tang Wulin and Lu Yuxing, so the latter was completely crushed.

Tang Wulin hadn't given Lu Yuxing any chances in that match.

Due to the warping of light rays caused by the Time Reversal domain, it seemed that Lu Yuxing had suddenly teleported, and only he and Tang Wulin knew exactly what had happened.

In the eyes of the spectators, it appeared that Lu Yuxing withdrew his martial soul, then rushed h

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