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Er Ming nodded in response. "That kid has a great heritage. Of course, once you master our family's Divine Titan Fists, you'll have no issues against him."

Ever since he discovered the existence of his descendants, Er Ming had become very fond of using the phrase "our family".

Yuanen Yehui nodded, and asked, "What is Captain doing right now, Senior?"

Er Ming replied, "I can't sense it all that clearly through the protective barrier, but he should be experiencing the changes taking place during the destruction of the power of laws. He has an exceptional understanding of planar laws, and he should be benefitting immensely from this battle. Otherwise, he wouldn't be allowing himself to be beaten like this."

The Dragon Moon Song battle armor tremored from the attack, but due to its design, it was able to spread the force of the impact to every corner of its structure, thereby significantly reducing the impact that Tang Wulin had to withstand with his body.

The battle armor had been designed by Gu Yue, and during the design process, Gu Yue had taken Tang Wulin's bodily properties into account.

He possessed supreme defensive prowess to begin with, and that was only enhanced by his Golden Dragon Body and Golden Dragon Tyrant Body, so his Dragon Moon Song battle armor leaned more toward impact reduction as opposed to outright defense.

For normal Soul Masters, this wouldn't serve much of a purpose, and it could easily result in severe injuries being incurred. However, with Tang Wulin's physical tolerance, this wasn't an issue, and it also allowed his battle armor to withstand more impact. On top of that, even though his battle armor was more focused on impact reduction, its exceptional materials meant that it still had far superior defensive prowess compared to normal suits of three-word battle armor.

Aside from powerful beings of Yuanen Zhentian's caliber, it would be very difficult for anyone else to shatter his suit of three-word battle armor.

Upon catching a glimpse of the mockery in Tang Wulin's eyes as he flew through the air, a cold look immediately appeared on Qiangu Zhangting's face.

This was a battle that he took very seriously, and prior to this match, he had rehearsed by battling many powerful beings of the Spirit Pagoda who were also adept at using lightning. However, much to his surprise, it was Tang Wulin's durability that was causing far more of a headache for him than Tang Wulin's lightning abilities.

He knew how powerful his own Coiling Dragon Staff was; even the average Hyper Douluo wearing their suit of battle armor wouldn't dare to take a staff strike from him head-on, yet Yu Longyue had withstood his attacks like nothing.

Was this guy really a human?

On top of that, even though he was very confident in his own suit of battle armor, he was struck by a feeling that Tang Wulin's battle armor was somehow different from his.

He couldn't allow this to continue!

He had already us

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