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The Sky Azure Bull Python laid a hand on his arm, and said, "We're all family; there's no need for such formalities. Back when your sister was around, she was treating us like her playthings! Only after she met that Huo Yuhao kid did she finally settle down. In the end, she and Huo Yuhao had to endure a lot of hardships before they could be together."

Tang Wulin's eyes widened upon hearing this. "Is the Dragon Butterfly Douluo really my sister?"

This was something that he had never been able to ascertain, and there wasn't even concrete proof that Tang Wutong was Tang San's daughter; it had merely been speculated in historical records, but never actually verified.

The Sky Azure Bull Python nodded, and said, "Around 10,000 years ago, your sister snuck down from the Divine Realm in her teens to play on the Douluo Continent. At the time, your parents knew about this, and they intentionally allowed her to do this. However, they also asked me and Er Ming to follow her to the Douluo Continent to protect her. Huo Yuhao had to undergo many trials set by us before he finally became your brother-in-law. He was also tortured quite a bit by your father as well. After all, a father is generally never satisfied with a son-in-law."

Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon hearing this. Even though he had never experienced any of this, he was still extremely eager to hear more about his sister from the Sky Azure Bull Python.

"What happened after that, Uncle Da Ming? What happened to the Divine Realm? My father only told me that it had been swept elsewhere by spatial turbulence, and that he wouldn't be able to return in the near future."

"Spatial turbulence? What did he tell you?" Just like Tang Wulin was eager to hear about his family, Da Ming and Er Ming were very interested in news about the Divine Realm.

Er Ming was the one who had raised the question, but Da Ming interjected, "Let's tell Wulin what we know, then listen to what Wulin has to say. That way, we won't be talking over one another."

Er Ming was very eager to hear more, but he still nodded in agreement.

Da Ming continued, "Most of the historical records you humans have about Tang San are true because many of those records were left behind by him. Tang San told us that he actually didn't belong to this world. Instead, he transmigrated from another large plane that was devoid of Soul Masters, and many of the Tang Sect's hidden weapons and the cultivation methods recorded by the Tang Sect came from that plane; they were merely refined so that they would be more suitable for Soul Masters of our plane to cultivate.

"To be honest, we were very much in opposition when your mother decided to be with Tang San. After all, she was a 100,000-year-old soul beast, and I'm sure you know how alluring 100,000-year-old soul beasts are to human Soul Masters. However, she insisted on being reborn as a human, and we couldn't stop her. After that, your mother entered a relationship with

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