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“What did you say?” Er Ming instantly tightened his grip on Tang Wulin's shoulder, and his emotions also took a drastic turn.

Da Ming quickly slapped his hand away, and said, "Calm down! Wulin, explain the situation."

Thus, Tang Wulin told Da Ming and Er Ming about Yuanen Yehui and the Yuanen Family.

"Er Ming!" An accusatory look immediately appeared in Da Ming's eyes.

Er Ming's face suddenly became very flushed, and even though he was an almighty god-like figure in this plane, he was looking like a child who had been caught doing something naughty.

"I didn't do anything wrong, Big Brother; it, it was that girl that I saved last time. At the time, I was in my human form, and, and she kept on following me around..."

Through Er Ming's stuttering explanation, Tang Wulin was able to roughly deduce the situation. It seemed that he really was related to the Yuanen Family! On top of that, it seemed that the Yuanen Family had arisen from Er Ming's relationship with a human woman.

Da Ming grumbled, "I'm not mad about what you did; I'm angry that you abandoned a woman you impregnated! Why haven't I heard about this before?"

"Me? I abandoned her?" Er Ming's eyes widened in a pitiable display as he countered, "I never did anything like that, Big Brother. The time I spent with that woman was the happiest time of my life; how could I have abandoned her? Human love really is something special; only at that time did I understand why Xiao Wu was so enamored with Tang San. Unfortunately, my story was far different from Xiao Wu's experience in love; not only did I not abandon her, I was the one who was abandoned. That woman was with me for less than a month, but one day, she suddenly left.

"She didn't say anything; she simply left behind a note saying that it was over between us! It, it wasn't my fault, Big Brother!"

Tears began to well up in Er Ming's eyes as he spoke.

Da Ming was also quite stunned to hear this. Having been with Er Ming for so many years, he was well aware of Er Ming's personality, and he knew that Er Ming wasn't one to lie about something like this. It seemed that even after so long had passed, he was still deeply hurt by that experience.

"Then why did you never tell me about this?" Da Ming asked.

A gloomy look appeared on Er Ming's face. "Why would I tell anyone about something so embarrassing? Being abandoned by a woman isn't a glorious chapter of my history. After that, the woman disappeared; only after hearing the surname Yuanen did I recall that I told her that my name was Yuanen Ming. The surname stems from the phrase 'primordial gift', which pays homage to the fact that we are indebted to nature for the most primordial gift of life. I, I didn't know that she was pregnant with my child! Why did she leave? I would've been so happy if she hadn't left!"

"Happy my arse!" Da Ming snapped, "It would've never worked out between you two! Your life force is virtually infinite, yet she'll liv

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