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The Light Dragon King sighed, "Of course. The dragon tomb is a small plane that is a subsidiary to the Douluo Continent plane, so we can clearly sense all of the changes taking place there. We dragons are no longer almighty divine beasts, but if we can be revived, we'll still retain some of our past godly powers. That would allow us to traverse through space and find a planet suitable for our habitation far away from you humans."

Tang Wulin was quite relieved to hear this. If the powerful dragon clan were to be revived on the Douluo Continent, who knew what type of catastrophe would result? Even if dragons bore no ill will toward humans, there was no guarantee that humans wouldn't attack them for all of their physical assets.

"Alright, if I ever encounter that being, I'll be sure to do my best. How am I supposed to find them?" Tang Wulin asked.

The Light Dragon King replied, "You'll be able to sense them once your powers reach the pinnacle of that world. That day won't be far away, and we've already been waiting for countless years, so waiting for a bit longer isn't an issue. Thank you for everything you've done; you are the benefactor of our entire dragon clan. Every time the Dragon God's Tear is used, you will essentially be summoning our small plane. You have to work hard on improving your spiritual power as that would increase the intensity of the call issued to us, and we'll be able to send more power to assist you through a spatial passageway. After every usage, the Dragon God's Tear requires at least seven days to recharge its expended natural energies."

Tang Wulin asked, "Are you referring to that domain?"

The Light Dragon King replied, "That's not a domain; it's a summoning formation once used by the Dragon God to summon his subordinates. Once you attain sufficient spiritual power, you can try communicating with us, and we'll do our best to project more of our power to assist you."

Tang Wulin was enlightened upon hearing this. "Thank you, Light Dragon King."

All of a sudden, everything in the surrounding area began to fade. The Light Dragon King cast one final meaningful glance at Tang Wulin, following which its flesh and scales began to vanish, and it soon reverted back into a giant skeleton. Tang Wulin gave it a nod before everything around him disappeared amid a flash of golden light.

In the next instant, Tang Wulin opened his eyes to discover that he was still situated in his own room.

His mental and physical exhaustion had already been washed away, and as he processed a massive amount of information left in his mind, he was gradually able to make sense of it.

He exhaled before rising to his feet and making his way over to the window.

It was currently right on the stroke of dawn, which was the perfect time to be cultivating the Purple Demon Eyes.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face as he activated his Purple Demon Eyes.

Just as Tang Wulin was reuniting with the giant drago

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