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The rotund Soul Master crashed into Yuanen Yehui's knee, and a violent explosion erupted in a diameter of 30 meters around Yuanen Yehui. Immediately thereafter, a second explosion that was even more powerful than the first one erupted. A mushroom cloud rose up from the spot where Yuanen Yehui was standing, presenting quite a fearsome sight to behold.

Was that it?

All of the spectators were astonished. Throughout this entire match, Yuanen Yehui had been completely dominated and seemingly allowed her opponent to do anything that he pleased. Both of them were Soul Douluos, and for Soul Masters of their caliber, this was an extremely fearsome attack.

However, right at this moment, a third resounding boom rang out, and the ground tremored violently as a ball-shaped body sprang up out of the mushroom cloud.

The mushroom cloud then began to rotate rapidly, forming a massive vortex that compressed toward the center. In the next instant, the ball-shaped body was sent flying out of the vortex like a cannonball before crashing heavily into the protective barrier up above, then bounced down and smashed into the ground, where it was embedded deep into the platform.

The vortex dissipated to reveal Yuanen Yehui once again, and she looked no different from how she had before. Even her clothes had remained completely unruffled, but there was a layer of faint yellow light around her, and the light was rotating rapidly.

Yuanen Yehui stomped her right foot violently onto the ground, and the entire competition platform tremored, sending the rotund Soul Master flying upward.

Yuanen Yehui then lashed out with her right fist, and in the face of her devastating punch, the entire space up ahead began to twist and warp.

She had drawn a lot of inspiration from the third punch that Yuanen Zhentian had unleashed against Tang Wulin, and even though her punch was devoid of the power of laws, it bore some of the power of Yuanen Zhentian's attack from that day.

As soon as the rotund Soul Master was sent flying up into the air, he had already adopted his martial soul true body, transforming into an orange ball. He didn't dare to hold back any longer, and his suit of two-word battle armor also appeared over his body.

However, in the face of Yuanen Yehui's attack, all of his efforts proved to be futile.

As the warped light enveloped his body, he was suspended motionlessly in mid-air rather than sent flying.

He appeared to have been dealt a heavy blow earlier, but in reality, he had unleashed his sixth soul skill, Bouncy Ball, which drastically increased the elasticity of his body to significantly nullify the power of Yuanen Yehui's attack.

However, on this occasion, he could clearly sense that the air around him was being compressed violently. His body and even his suit of two-word battle armor were being forcibly compressed, and there was no way for him to escape.

Only in this instant did he truly understand just how wide a

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