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One anomaly was an exception, but what about two?

On top of that, they had both chosen to withdraw; wasn't this a ploy to embarrass the Spirit Pagoda? At the same time, they were announcing to everyone that Shrek Academy was back, and that its students were still as exceptional as ever.

This joust for a spouse event had gathered all of the most powerful young Soul Masters on the continent, yet they had still managed to progress to the final stage.

Qiangu Dongfeng's expression finally changed slightly upon seeing this, and a cold look appeared in his eyes. So this was how Shrek Academy had chosen to retaliate?

All of the competitors' identities had been investigated and verified in advance, but no issues had been discovered surrounding them. What did this entail? It entailed that they had planned everything. Shrek Academy had already been destroyed, so who exactly was it that was helping them?

On top of that, what was going on with these lots that were being drawn? Why were the two Shrek Academy students drawn in succession?

Ai Fei's smile immediately stiffened slightly. He knew that something was very, very wrong, but what could he do?

On this occasion, he didn't even try to gloss over the subject and hurriedly drew the next name. "Alright, up next is Li Zhi from the second group; please give him a warm welcome."

Li Zhi was quite portly and always wore a smile on his face. During this joust for a spouse event, he had been given the nickname of "Palms of Destruction". Despite his rotund figure, he was extremely fast and agile, and his palms were imbued with immense power of destruction that there seemed to be no counter to. All martial souls that he had faced had been crushed by his Palms of Destruction without any exception.

Among all of the groups, the second group was the weakest without even a single Titled Douluo among its ranks. As such, he hadn't encountered any powerful opponents, and enjoyed an easy trip to the final 10. There were two other competitors in the group who seemed to be capable of matching him, but they chose to withdraw from the event after defeating all of the other competitors, so Li Zhi was also known as the luckiest competitor of all.

"I am Xu Lizhi of Shrek Academy, and I withdraw from this event," Li Zhi said with a smile before taking two steps backward.

Despite his stuffed bun martial soul, he had trained arduously to master the power of destruction and the Mysterious Heaven Method. His hard work had compensated for his shortcomings, and in order to be with Ye Xinglan, he had worked just as hard, if not harder than everyone else in Shrek's Seven Monsters.

This was the third one!

The spectators were beginning to become very worked up. At this point, even an idiot could tell that Shrek Academy was intentionally raining on this parade! Three of them had progressed to the final 10, yet all three of them had withdrawn; what was the meaning of this?

Qiangu Dongfeng'

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