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Qiangu Dongfeng said, "I can't say anything for sure. After all, anything can happen in a battle. However, Zhangting has been working very hard and has already taken over many responsibilities from me. On top of that, all of the high-ranking members of our Spirit Pagoda see great potential in him, so we're all hoping that this event will allow him to mature more quickly."

"Indeed, experiences like this are invaluable for young people. By the way, I heard you invited the Boundless Ocean Douluo for the final day of the event; has he agreed to come?"

Qiangu Dongfeng replied with a wry smile, "Not yet. Brother Chen has been in a foul mood ever since he returned from the Star Luo Empire. We've been good friends for many years, but I don't want to hassle him."

The vice-president nodded in response. "Who would've thought that the united fleet would be forced into retreat? By the way, have you received any news about that Tang Sect Master?"

Qiangu Dongfeng's brows furrowed slightly as he replied, "I'm afraid not."

He had thought that Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena's past relationship would've led to him appearing at this joust for a spouse event, but that didn't appear to be the case. It was as if the Tang Sect really had disappeared.

Ever since Shrek City had been razed to the ground, the Tang Sect had kept a very low profile. All of its branches had become very withdrawn, and following the declaration that the Tang Sect was a treasonous organization, it seemed to have completely vanished.

Thus, the general public and all of the major powers had gradually begun to forget about its existence; only those who were aware of just how powerful the Tang Sect was knew that it was not to be ignored.

No one had imagined that the Tang Sect would suddenly appear on the Star Luo Continent, and that the Tang Sect Master would engage in a Trial of Five Gods. The Spirit Pagoda had attempted to use this against the Tang Sect, but this ploy had completely backfired on them, and through their coverage of the Trial of Five Gods, the Tang Sect had received an immense amount of popularity.

Immediately thereafter, the united fleet had arrived at the Star Luo Empire. Even though there was insufficient evidence, it was clear to everyone who had provided those super weapons to the Star Luo Empire. How had both the Star Luo Empire and Dou Spirit Empire come into possession of such powerful weapons? The Tang Sect was clearly the culprit!

Thus, the Spirit Pagoda had exerted its influence to declare the Tang Sect as a treasonous organization, triggering much debate in the federal parliament.

After all, the Tang Sect had made significant contributions to the continent in the past. However, the Tang Sect itself simply disappeared as if nothing had ever happened.

No one even knew if the new Tang Sect Master had returned from the Star Luo Empire.

Enemies lurking in the shadows were always the most difficult to deal with, so this joust for a

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