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"Five, four, three, two, one, begin!"

The highly anticipated match finally began!

Bluish-purple lightning erupted from Tang Wulin's body as thick bolts of lightning rose up into the air, while Qiangu Zhangting raised his right hand to summon his Coiling Dragon Staff.

Neither of them attacked right away, but both of them immediately summoned their soul rings.

"This is a clash between auras! Both these competitors are extremely powerful, and even though neither of them has displayed their suit of battle armor, I'm almost certain that they're both three-word battle armor masters. That's right, we are going to be witnessing a clash between three-word battle armor masters today, and in preparation for this match, our workers have fortified the entire protective barrier to ensure safety."

The two competitors on the platform finally sprang into action, and the first to attack was Qiangu Zhangting, who was fuming with rage.

He gripped onto his Coiling Dragon Staff with both hands as he sprang up into the air like lightning, and piercing white light erupted from his body while his staff rapidly expanded to over 100 meters in length, looking as if it were going to pierce through the very heavens.

At the same time, Qiangu Zhangting's entire body also expanded while taking on an illusionary quality, and he arched his body backward before sending the Coiling Dragon Staff crashing viciously down toward Tang Wulin.

The massive Coiling Dragon Staff seemed to be threatening to tear the entire world apart, and it was quite astonishing to all of the spectators that Qiangu Zhangting was unleashing such a ferocious assault from the get-go.

The Coiling Dragon Staff gave off an indescribably fearsome aura, and the air in its wake twisted and warped as thin spatial cracks began to appear, as if even space itself couldn't contain the staff.

Qiangu Zhangting's essence, energy, and spirit had all been infused into this staff strike, and it reflected his mastery of a staff soul.

As a Spirit Envoy and the future successor to Qiangu Dongfeng, Qiangu Zhangting certainly had the power to back up those accolades.

In the face of a powerful opponent like Yu Longyue, he was finally displaying his true power, and he was going to crush his opponent in the most aggressive way possible!

As the most powerful family of the Spirit Pagoda, the Qiangu Family possessed an extremely formidable martial soul in the form of the Coiling Dragon Staff, and the true essence of the staff lay in its unyielding nature. It was like an unyielding soul spirit that dared to resist heaven and earth with its own power, and unlike Tang Wulin or Yuanen Zhentian, who made use of the power of laws to enhance themselves, the staff drew its power from destroying the power of laws.

After over 1,000 years and dozens of generations of reflection and improvement, this set of Unyielding Staff Techniques finally took shape, and one could only begin to master thes

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