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The giant staff was upon Tang Wulin in an instant.

This was the third Unyielding Staff Technique, Supporting Heaven and Earth!

Tang Wulin stopped in mid-air as a loud dragon's roar erupted from his body, and his right arm instantly turned a bluish-purple color before being whipped through the air. Lightning God Whip!

It wasn't that he didn't want to withstand the attack to absorb the power of laws; the attack was simply too powerful for him to take.


The Lightning God Whip struck the Coiling Dragon Staff, and Qiangu Zhangting's body suddenly began to glow as if it were made of light. All of the shattered laws were reciprocated to him by the Coiling Dragon Staff, and he descended from above before stomping a foot down onto the staff.

Even though the Lightning God Whip had stopped the Coiling Dragon Staff's descent, Tang Wulin felt as if his body were about to shatter, and the laws around him were constantly in a loop of breaking and mending. His body began to absorb these shattered laws, but the powerful suction force of the Coiling Dragon Staff was also reciprocating these laws toward Qiangu Zhangting.

All of a sudden, Qiangu Zhangting suddenly faltered in mid-air, and the time around him seemed to have also paused for an instant.

This wasn't Time Reversal; it was Time Stop!

Tang Wulin had used Time Reversal in the Trial of Five Gods, so he couldn't use it now as doing so would blow his cover. However, due to the improvements he had made in his spiritual power, he was able to control his own spiritual domain with a greater level of precision.

As the split-second pause took place, Tang Wulin let loose a loud cry, and a string of dull thunderclaps rang out around him.

The lightning erupted forth as Rainbow Law to force back the Coiling Dragon Staff, and Tang Wulin flew out of the area encompassed by the staff's suction force.

Only then did Qiangu Zhangting's foot stomp down onto the Coiling Dragon Staff, which came crashing down, causing the earth to tremor violently. Qiangu Zhangting's entire body had turned a scorching white light, and right at this moment, specks of light also began to appear all over Tang Wulin's body.

Those were a series of bluish-purple specks of light, which transformed into a suit of sapphire-like battle armor that quickly encapsulated his entire body.

This was none other than Tang Wulin's Dragon Moon Song battle armor. With Tang Wulin's understanding of metal and disguise abilities, it was naturally a simple task to turn his battle armor a bluish-purple color.

As soon as he donned the suit of battle armor, Tang Wulin's aura took an abrupt turn, and his dragon's repulse became several times more powerful than before, allowing it forcibly keep the suction force of Supporting Heaven and Earth at bay.

At the same time, countless bolts of lighting erupted from Tang Wulin's body to form a forest of lightning.

This was the first time that Tang Wulin had

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