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The images seemed to depict a person digging holes before strenuously carrying massive objects into those holes. Every image was similar, except the colors were slightly different, and each image seemed to have a dragon-shaped projection revolving around it, resonating with the countless dragon projections within the halo down below.

None of the spectators were able to make sense of the images, and even Shrek’s Six Monsters and the friends and teachers who were closest to Tang Wulin had no idea what was happening.

In that instant, Gu Yuena felt as if she and Tang Wulin were the only two people left in the world as only she could tell what he was doing.

An indescribable flurry of emotions welled up in her heart, and she felt as if something had gotten stuck in her throat.

She finally knew what he had been doing during his three-year absence, and she finally understood why she had felt a sense of absolute trust and reliance toward him following his return.

She gritted her teeth tightly to repress her own tears, but her heart had already completely melted into a puddle.

You were right, Na'er; you were always right, and so was I! He did something that we should've done!

At this moment, Tang Wulin himself was also completely perplexed by what was happening around him. All he could sense were countless giant dragons around him, roaring with fondness and longing in their voices.

The bracelet was the present that the giant dragons of the Dragon Valley had given him prior to his departure, but never did he think that it could be activated like this.

At this moment, he could even feel a call from a distant alternate plane, where the dragons of the Dragon Valley were greeting him from afar.

Meanwhile, Qiangu Zhangting suddenly realized that he was unable to bring his Coiling Dragon Staff staff up as he could clearly sense that the staff was trembling, and even the giant white dragon beneath him was also trembling.

How was this possible? The giant dragon around his Coiling Dragon Staff was an Evil Vanquishing Dragon, which was a very special type of dragon that didn't even obey the Dragon God. This type of dragon was born from nature and manifested from the righteous energy of heaven and earth, so it could be argued that it wasn't even a true dragon at all.

Regardless of how powerful its enemy was, the Evil Vanquishing Dragon would always display an unyielding spirit and often allow the wielder of the Coiling Dragon Staff to unleash power beyond their normal capabilities.

The unyielding will in the Unyielding Staff Techniques and even the method to destroy the power of laws had been developed from the research that several generations of Qiangu Family powerful beings had conducted on the Evil Vanquishing Dragons adhered to their Coiling Dragon Staves.

However, at this moment, the Evil Vanquishing Dragon was trembling, and it seemed to be fearful of the domain up ahead. This was something that Qiangu Z

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