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"Shhh, that's our most important secret; what if someone's eavesdropping on us?" Gu Yuena hurriedly cautioned.

Qiangu Zhangting chuckled, "This is Grandfather's office; there's no place with better security than here, so don't worry about anyone overhearing us. Nana, I really have to thank you. You're the one who planned this joust for a spouse event down to the very last detail, yet you gave all the credit to me. I..."

Gu Yuena smiled, and interjected, "I'm just a woman, so I'm destined to stand behind a man. Your glory is my glory, is it not? You are the man who's going to become the Spirit Pagoda chairman, and without you, the chairman wouldn't have supported me in all my experiments, so the Myriad Beast Plane wouldn't even exist; you deserve all the credit in the world."

Qiangu Zhangting faltered slightly before a hint of excitement flashed through his eyes, and he spread his arms to try and embrace Gu Yuena. Gu Yuena looked up at him as purple light flashed within her eyes, and Qiangu Zhangting was stopped cold in his tracks as the same purple light flashed through his own eyes.

"I'm sorry, Nana; I didn't mean to offend you. You'll be mine at the end of this event anyway, so I can wait. It's just that I'm too excited; I can't wait to call you my wife!"

Gu Yuena replied with a gentle smile, "You should go back and rest as well. You have some powerful competitors in your group, so don't get complacent."

Qiangu Zhangting nodded in response. "Don't worry, it's just Yu Longyue, isn't it? I'm going to crush him without giving him even a sliver of a chance!"


"Boom!" A bolt of rainbow lightning fell violently, sending spasms running through Tang Wulin's entire body. However, his hands didn't stop even for a single instant as he raised both of them in unison, guiding a much smaller bolt of rainbow lightning onto the piece of metal before him.

Rainbow light flashed, and the metal seemed to have sprung to life as it rose up as a streak of rainbow light amid a cry of elation. The lightning clouds in the sky also slowly dissipated at this moment.

The piece of metal now had rainbow light swirling all over its surface, and it would instantly change to any shape at Tang Wulin's behest, but it refused to stray far away from him. It seemed to be aware that it would've already perished if Tang Wulin hadn't bore the brunt of the elemental tribulation's power.

Tang Wulin closed his eyes as he inspected his own bodily condition, as well as the changes in the power of laws within the piece of divine-grade alloy that had just been successfully created.

After practicing heavenly refinement for so many days, he was finally beginning to understand its true meaning. The elemental tribulation wasn't just something to test the piece of metal. Instead, it was something that allowed the metal to communicate with and feel the power of the laws of heaven and earth.

These laws didn't just originate from this plane a

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