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The first day of the elimination stage of the joust for a spouse had finally arrived.

Over half of the field had been culled by the examinations, but all of the participants had benefited to a certain extent from the Myriad Beast Plane. As such, even those who had been eliminated still had improved impressions of the Spirit Pagoda.

In the eyes of most Soul Masters, the Spirit Pagoda was an extremely revered organization, but was also a vampire that would suck you dry. Its soul spirits and Spirit Ascension Plane were simply inaccessible for most low-grade and mid-grade Soul Masters due to their prices, but all of the participants in this event were at or above rank 60 in soul power, and at that level, it was rare to find a poor Soul Master.

The society in the federation was a very realistic and stable one in that one's cultivation rank directly corresponded with their status and income. The more powerful someone was, the higher they'd be able to climb up the social ladder.

The Myriad Beast Plane had undoubtedly attracted a lot of attention, and its ability to enhance one's soul spirits with no upper limit gave many Soul Masters hope.

As such, very few of the Soul Masters who had been eliminated immediately left Bright City; all of them were very curious to see what type of prizes the Spirit Pagoda was going to offer.

Due to the revelation presented by the Myriad Beast Plane, the spotlight on Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena was lessened significantly. After all, only a single person would be able to win her heart as the ultimate prize, so there was virtually no chance for anyone below the Titled Douluo level, considering only the final 10 would receive the opportunity to be chosen by Gu Yuena.

There were four rounds of elimination matches, and in contrast with the round-robin matches, the elimination stage was actually definitely going to be more intense, as one would receive different prizes with each round that they progressed past. With the alluring prizes offered by the Spirit Pagoda, who wouldn't want to advance further in the event? The Myriad Beast Plane had given everyone a taste of what the Spirit Pagoda had to offer, and they were all eager for more.

The first round of elimination matches had the most participants, so it would take place over five days. Tang Wulin wasn't competing today, but he was in the spectator stands, and his ticket had naturally been organized by the Tang Sect.

As he sat in his seat, he thought back to the participant information he had read in the past.

Not only had this joust for a spouse event attracted the elite prodigies of the younger generation, there were also some unexpected participants.

According to the rules of the event, those above rank 60 in soul power and below 35 years of age were eligible, but the age limit was raised five years per additional 10 ranks of soul power.

This meant that the age limit actually ranged up to 50 for those who were at or abo

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